Break Your Walls

Aria thought she loved Niall , now she begs to differ .

Aria now 20 year old girl from Ireland , now has a change of heart . She thought she loved Niall , until he ran up the aisle with her sister , Molly . Will a certain someone named Liam Payne , change her life forever ?
Liam walked towards me " The story of my life I take her home , I drive all night to keep her warm and time is frozen " he sang softly . My heart was melting . "You know your mine right Payne . Im gonna have to get you a leash so you wont go astray " He laughed . How I loved his laugh . It was a kind , welcoming laugh . " I love you Payne , I really do " . He leaned in and kissed me . His lips were warm and soft . "Aria , you belong with me . Let me kiss you "


1. Having kids and questioning

I looked at my clock . 9:30 am . Slowly , I got up out of bed , deciding I was hungry . I didn't want to wake Liam . He was my pride and joy . To let him sleep was just a small favor . Going down the stairs , I heard a phone ringing . " Must be Simon , or one of the lads ringing Liam " I thought . But I was mistaken . It was my phone , not Liam's . The caller ID never came up . Scared to answer , I pressed my phone . "Hello , who is this ? " I asked . "Aria . Do not fear . I ask you a simple yes or no question . Do you love Mr.Niall James Horan ?" I thought I was going to cry . Niall and I were finished . Forever . He was married to my younger sister , Molly . Of course Molly was pretty . In fact she looked like a model . Long , light brown hair , green eyes , olive skin . "No" I replied to the strange man . " Aria , you have failed . Niall loved you . Why you leave him ?" Now I had lost my cool "Shut up you fool of a man . Invading my personal life . How would you like if I questioned you about your life huh ? You devil . Go to hell you despicable man . " I called through the phone . "Okay if you wish miss Aria , goodbye ." Liam was behind me . " Ari , what happened ?" "Nothing " I replied ,rubbing the large baby bump on my stomach . "Just worried about the triplets " 


3 months later I had the triplets , Daisy , Kyle and Tammy  . They were adorable . Kyle had dark brown hair and deep brown eyes , slightly tanned skin . Tammy looked very similar . Daisy looked the complete opposite . She looked like me . Red hair , green eyes , olive skin . I loved Kyle , Daisy and Tammy with all my heart . And Liam did too . 

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