Andy Biersack is my dad

this is my first fan fiction so please give me crit


1. My Life

Im Skye and ever since I was born I didn't have a proper life. My dad left my mom the week after I was born. Then when I was 1 month old my mom abandoned me at green way orphanage.
When I was 5 I started school. I got bullied all the time. I got told to go cut my self and die. So I found out how to take the blade off my sharpener and I started cutting. 
When I was 9 my best friend, Blaze, who is a boy, introduced me to black veil brides. I've listened to them ever since and they get me into the mood I need to be in.
I've tried to commit suicide a few times, but Blaze has been there to stop me. We always jam out to bvb, botdf, bmth and fir. He is the only one who understands how I feel. I can tell him anything.

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