S(he) Be(lie)ve(d)

"I love you" was what he said. "I'll never leave you" "I'll protect you." Everything he said I believed until that day, that day when I found out he lied,all I ever was to him was a target.

[Jason McCann Love story]


2. Chapter One

-Arabella p.o.v-

Placing my math book in my locker I quickly shut it and turned around to see my best friend Kayla walking over to me. "Heyy"She said stopping in front of me and smiling. "Hey Kayla"I said giving her a small side smile as I shifted my weight to my right leg. Looking to my left I turned and saw Justin, the most hottest guy at our school, let's just say he's the guy every girl drool over and the one every guy envy.

You know how those girls in those movies be like "he's so ew I can't stand him I don't see why girls drool over him" or "he's not even cute" but in reality they know he's cute, well I'm not one of those girls I will admit that I do drool over Justin, I do think he's the hottest person I mean most popular guys aren't dicks right, wrong Justin May seem sweet but I've seen him play so many girls that it's not even funny.

Letting out a happy sigh a big smile spread across my face, just by looking at him I get butterflies. "Oh my, why is he so damn hot" I stated not taking my eyes off him, hearing Kayla scoff I turned and looked at her. Let's just say she isn't the biggest fan of Justin because well he played her sister but hey what can I say her sister was a little hoe back then. "I don't even see why you daydream over him or drool, he's not even cute and to top it off he's an ass"She stated while glaring in his direction, something she did often whenever she would see him.

"Kayla he's Justin bieber, the most popular, most hottest guy in the school and I'd be telling a lie of I said I didn't find him a least bit attractive"I said looking back over at him to see that he was leaned up against his locker talking to his friends, glancing up as he was talking he looked in my direction and gave me a little wink before turning back to talk to his friends.

Blushing I looked down finding my shoes now interesting, wow I can't believe he just saw me staring that's embarrassing. "Wow Arabella you need so much help"I heard Kayla say as she let out a small laugh, playfully scoffing I looked up at her. "No I don't" I said smiling. "Did you see him wink at me"I stated, just by mentioning him winking at me gave my butterflies. "Yeah I did what a man-whore"She said while rolling her eyes.

Giggling lightly the bell had rang signaling that fourth period was starting, sighing I clenched my binder to my side as I stood up straight. "See you at lunch Kayla"I said before I started walking down the hall and towards my class. Fourth period was English class, the only class I had with Justin. Walking inside I went to the way back and sat down in my seat and placed my folder on my desk.

Hearing the tarty bell ring everyone lowered their voices as the teacher started talking. As Mr. Smith continued to talk I looked over at Justin and saw him him glance my way, quickly looking down I had found y pencil my new interest. "Okay class today I will be assigning partners for your myth project that will be due at the end of the semester which in 5 academic weeks, you guys will have to present them in front of the class"

Hearing people groan in annoyance I actually perked up to listen because I love reading the myths." Okay so Brittany Jones and Daniel Smith, Jessica Sanchez and Michael Gonzalez, Tiffany Johnson and Michelle Frances, Arabella Sanchez and Justin Bieber-" Tensing up at the sound of my name being called along with Justin I started feeling butterflies in my stomach.

I can't believe this thee Justin Bieber aka most hottest boy in our school is going to be my partner for the mythology project. I guess this day keeps getting better and better


Okay I know this chapter suck and it's short but bear with me please I've just been busy with school and everything but ThanksGiving break is coming up so I'll be able to update more. But anyways tell me what you guys think?

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