My Life

It is about a young girl who just wants to be free and have friends she can really stay with, but has to keep moving round the country when her father is finished business there.


1. Prologue

I hate when you have to start a new school and all you know about your surroundings is your house and nothing else, but this year is different because my best friend Lissa is in this school, we both knew each when we were younger because we were next door neighbours. As I walk into school, not that i want them to, but everyone is doing there own thing however every other school I've been to i would be the center of attention since I am the new kid. I go find my locker number 5632, I did not know where it is so I asked someone.

" Um excuse me do you know where locker 5632 is" I asked a girl around my age

"Yeah its right there in between the wild cats our schools mascot"

"Oh thanks" 

"Your welcome you seem to be new to this school"

" Yeah I am I just started today" I was just smiling. I was surprised at how sweet she was being to me at my previous school they were all so gruff but i managed through the year. 

"Oh well, I am Sam allow me to show you round the school"  She smiled sweetly

I walked with her as we strolled down the hall she had a group of friends come up to her and say hi I introduced myself they said they loved my DKNY handbag. I was quite fond of it, and blushed as we walked saying by Sam was nodding over to a boy and said

" He is the hottest and populous boy in school, Nate" I could not stop staring at him when he saw me looking I quickly looked away and saw a glimpse of him smiling. He walked over and Sam whispered saying

" OMG he's walking over to us"

I just stood confidently and said "Hi"

"Hey" god he has a cute smile "I'm assuming your new since Sam i showing you round" Sam just smile

"Yeah, I just moved here from New York" What am I saying " Sorry my name is Poppy"

"Well hello Poppy, my name is Nate, it was a pleasure to meet you" He was slowly walking off 

I said " You too" He just grinned 

Sam was saying something whilst I was daydreaming "... wow your a natural at talking to boys I mean I'v never met someone with so much smoothness in talking to a boy, I think he likes you he's never looked at someone like that "

I gave her a funny look, then from the corner of my eye saw Lissa when she caught me looking she just stared at me and walked over said 

 " Oh My God Poppy" she screamed and hugged me 

"Lissa, wow you look great" when she let go.

"Why didn't you say you were coming OH MY GOD I really can't believe it. Oops" Her friend next to her just nudged her "Poppy meet Tessa (On her right) and Lilly (On her left)"

"Hi they said in unison"


Tessa said " So how do you two know each other"

" We grew up together in Lakeview" I explained

"Oh right " she smiled gratefully 

" I moved to New York and Lissa moved to Colby here"  I explained as I put my bag bag on my other shoulder 

Lissa beamed when she saw my bag " She didn't she gave you the new DKNY bag that's not even out until next month  

" She did indeed, I told her not to but she insisted" I said Tessa looked so confuse just as Lilly

Lissa explained instead " Poppy's Aunt is Donna Karen, how is she by the way

" She is great Lilly, Tessa you two alright!"

Tessa screamed and said" Your Aunt is Donna Karen OMG" Everyone in the hallway hushed and just stared at me then mumbled Lissa, Tessa and Lilly said to walk quickly I did that before anyone got to me by the time we were out of the building the bell rang my next lesson was Maths just like Poppy. Tessa and Lilly said 'Bye' and we walked the opposite direction they smiled and walked off we got to our lesson and when I walked everyone was quite. 





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