The Hunger Games: Survival Instincts

After the events of the first hunger games a new hunger games comes our way fifty years in the future. High-tech weapons and props are used now and survival is harder than ever. The story follows our protagonist Tai as he fights for survival to escape the hunger games. The rules have changed and no one likes a fair game anymore.


1. Bad Day

I open my eyes awakening in my bed from a horrid dream. I was in the hunger games and killed by my best friend. I step out of bed looking out my window that look down over the city, hover cars pass by the window. I walk down the stairs and my brother and mother sit at the table eating bacon and eggs. I grab a plat and sit with them they smile and we talk for a few minutes. As I get up and put my plate away the door bell dings. I open the door and my best friend Michael stands outside, I shake his hand and he walks inside. "Hey Michael I'm just gonna get changed," I say smiling lightly. I walk up the stairs and look in my closet, I grab a pair of red high-tops, then look at my tops and pick up a sleeveless denim jacket and black denim skinny jeans. I walk back downstairs after changing, I fix my fringe as I walk downstairs and blow a light brown piece of hair out of my face. My medium lengthed hair had not been cut in weeks. I turn the corner and Michael sits waiting for me, we look at each other and smile lightly knowing that today is the day one of our cities people will be taken to fight for survival. We walk outside and I say goodbye to my mom and brother.

"So what are we doing?" I say.

"I don't actually know the people will be here soon to take our people," I look away sadly.

"Speaking of which..." I turn to look ahead. "The people are here" Michael says.

"Well maybe we will be so lucky to not be chosen, whatever happens we won't ever turn against each other...right?" I say looking at Michael.

"Yeah I guess so...not like we can both get chosen" Michael says.

"Yeah but remember last year they got an extra person from Candleburg City" I say.

"Yeah" Michael says.

Hours later we all line up preparing for the most hardest moment every year. I stand still and look down then back up.

"This year's girl is Ellen Cooper...Ellen Cooper you lucky girl!" The announcer says. A sixteen year old beautful girl stands up on the stage. She has brown medium lengthed hair and hazel eyes, she wears makeup and has black converse shoes, she wears a cute white singlet and tight jeans. Michael nudges me and smiles I smile back and look at the floor hoping that I won't have to ever be in the hunger games.

"This year's sixteen year old boy will be Tai Dillinger!" the announcer yells with excitment. I walk up onto the stage and try to smile looking and waving at the crowd. We are slowly lifted into a hover jet and then we fly off into the sunshine.

We finally arrive at the studio where all the producing, promoting, interviewing and practice will be happening. They show us to our penthouse room and I sit in one room while Ellen sits in the other. The hunger games has improved but not good nor bad, only sixteen year olds are picked but now the whole game is more ruthless and brutal, we survive for weeks until it ends. I slowly drift away.

I awaken and we are sent to the training room, one by one we get ten minutes to show our stuff for the interview tonight and practice with the weapons. After half an hour it is my turn and I walk into the examination room, holographic dummies pop up. I pick up the plasma rifle and shoot away hitting almost perfect. I grab the bow which is blue and holographic, I pull back and release the arrow it hits perfectly, I repeat the process and miss twice. Finally in my last two minutes I pick up two daggers and begin to swing away, letting the occasional punch and kicks slide. I finish up and walk away preparing at the penthouse for the interview.

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