This Is Me

This story is about Draco Malfoy a boy with an old forgotten friend .how will Mel survive with her forgotten while their love still lives. Draco wants to keep it all hush hush as he tries to keep his bad boy status but how long will this last before exposure...


2. Platform 9 3/4

Malfoy's P.O.V

Over the next few days nothing much happened just packing ,we visited diagon ally once for the new books and we visited apothacy for a couple of potion items for Professor Slughorns potion lessons

I took Mel out for some ice-cream and and took her to the quality quiditch supplies to show my favourite brooms we could get next year. I was pointing out the raggity old clean-sweeps ("these things are ancient") to the new firebolts dads gonna buy us for next year (because dad buys us new ones wach year).when we went back home, we walk around the garden, when we had finished all our packing and sat down on the grassy field looking down on the spectacular view , i turn my eyes to her , her eyes eventually pull away as she realises im look at her. We sit watching each other as if not daring to be the first to break our pause of isolation. We begin our depart to the house. The next morning we pull out our bags and hand them to Dobby, puts them into our ride. we stop out side kings cross station and place our bags on a trolley and run up, and through the wall to make it to platform 9 3/4. we board the train, for our bags have already been packed in the luggage compartment. Mel and i say our goodbyes and head off to our Slytherin and Ravenclaw carriages. we depart the platform at exactly 11:00am. the trip wasn't too long but it seemed like forever without Mel...

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