Winning Me Over

Brianna and Mikayla are normal people but are HUGE fans of One Direction. One day their lives change forever when they meet their dream idols. They each have their favourites but will this change when the others start falling for them too?


9. Chapter 6.

We started talking gezz I never on earth would I have even imagined this moment right now. Soon, I started to really know the boys. I felt like we have known eachother for years. But in reality only a few hours. I was talking to all of the boys exept Louis, who I think had a thing for Mikayla because he was talking to her with a huge smile on his face. I was inturupted by the light tapping on my left shoulder it felt soft and protective. I turned around and it was Niall. "B..babe can I talk to you??" He said nervously! Oh my.. he called me BABE! Keep cool! I said in my head before repliying "Uh sure!" I said keeping my cool. As I dragged him to Mikayla's room. I shut the door. It was freezing in her room. "A..are you cold babe?" Niall asked as he took off his huge varsity jacket and gave it to me. "T..thanks Niall!!" I replied shivering. When I put it on I felt instant warmth and protection overflowing through-out my small body.
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