Winning Me Over

Brianna and Mikayla are normal people but are HUGE fans of One Direction. One day their lives change forever when they meet their dream idols. They each have their favourites but will this change when the others start falling for them too?


8. Chapter 5.

Brees Pov: I was in this black hole like thing and no matter how much I tired, I couldnt get out. Until... My eyes shot open and omg who was standing next to me I thought I was dreaming but I wasn't! It was Mikayla and NIALL HORAN!! "Uh.. Bree meet Niall Horan!!" Mikayla whispered. "Urgg what happened?!" I asked confused. " kind of past out when you saw me!" Niall replied blushing. "You past out for 20 minutes now bree." Mikayla said. "Oh REALLY urg!!" I replied blushing while holding my head. "I..its ok.. Well actually it's cute!" Niall said blushing again. I smiled and he smiled back. Mikayla tired to start to brake it but then... some boys started screaming from the lounge room: "Oh my god!" One yelled. "Is she awake!?" The rest of them yelled. "Yeh w..why don't you come down and meet her..??" Niall asked still blushing which I thought was to adorable! They all started running I heard their footsteps coming closer and faster. Then they all stopped and looked at me. I couldn't help but blush. "So, are you feeling ok love?" Harry asked me. "Uh erm.. Yes"... I replied still blushing. Man I would have probably looked like a red tomato because I know I have never blushed that much in my life!
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