Winning Me Over

Brianna and Mikayla are normal people but are HUGE fans of One Direction. One day their lives change forever when they meet their dream idols. They each have their favourites but will this change when the others start falling for them too?


7. Authors Note! Read or Ignore! x

Hey guys its Mikayla and Bree and we are so excited for you guys to read our movella! We have almost finished this movella on my notes lol. But we just have to copy and paste chapters. All of our time goes into this there will be wayyyy more drama to come so don't think that you know whats going to happen...:) Well just expect the unexpected! This has taken me a couple of moths and I still haven't finished it! Hope you guys enjoy and sorry we haven't been posting anything recently its because we have exams... damn. But we will post heaps these coming weeks and over the summer holidays thanks guys ILY! X Miki and Bree :)

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