Abduction; ON HOLD [Fan Fiction of Film]

Noah Huntz, was a normal child. He went to school like any other kid in Nebraska. He was a popular regular seventeen year old high schooler, but something that was abnormal was that he was an adopted child.. he doesn't know that though. Come on the adventure with Noah to find out who he is..


4. Jackie Roberts

When I jumped from the moving truck so much adrenaline was running through me. As soon as I gotten up, I could the brakes. I ran and ran until I couldn't anymore. I could hear the all men yelling and shouting! The sun shined right in my eyes and branches were all over. Hitting me right in the face, I really didn't care. All I wanted to do was get out of there. I finally had stopped running and hid behind a tree.. I could hear my own heart beat. I leaned my head on this humongous tree, and rested. When I thought I was safe, I started to get up. That's when I heard two of the men walking my way. I could hear them murmuring something but I couldn't get out what they were saying. So what I decided to do was hide behind the tree.. I reached for my gun and held it then waited to shoot if I needed to. I had circled the tree and the men were still walking.. I said "Hey... Looking For Me?!" With a strong tone. They instantly turned around and pulled their guns on me.. One man aimed and fired at my head. I ducked and shot him I. The kneecap. He let out a loud whimper, I headed for the nearest tree. Bullets from two other man came hurdling toward the tree I appeared to be at. He shot my arm and me with fury I came from the tree and shot his leg and kicked his stomach about three times. After that I started to run!
Then I ran to the main road and sat there was a woman. A woman in her forties.. Black boots and a black coat that came half-way down her legs. She had red hair and she was leaning on her 2013 Mazda CX-9. When she had saw me, I looked in her green eyes and she said.... "Hello Noah.. I'm Jackie Roberts Follow Me.. It's To Dangerous Out Here" I trusted her and I got in her car and we had gotten in the car and we both had taken off.


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