Fake Marriage (Harry) *ON HOLD*

4 (Liam is taken)gorgeous,non-famous boys that need help from one certain girl.Who will she choose?(Harry) There will be other versions of the other boys so calm down and let me finish this version FIRST.


3. I Choose

Kelly's P.O.V

Me:I choose....Harry.

Harry looked up fast with wide eyes.Every guy in the room looked at me like I was crazy.

Me:Is there something wrong?

Harry was sitting there with eyes wide still and his jaw was wide open.He then sighed.I raised an eyebrow.

Louis:Oh it's nothing!He just sighed in relief that you ch-chose him!

I furrowed my eyebrows still confused.

Harry:It's fine...We should go.

It's about time he speaks.

We stood up and I grabbed my luggage.It was pretty heavy.We went to the entrance I stopped at the door when I heard.

???:I hope she can handle his 'weirdness'

I turned around to see Uncle nudge Niall hard.Then they smiled at me.Weird.

I went outside to see Harry waiting for me.We walked straight.I saw the sun shine down on Harry.I saw his beauty reflecting.What am I saying...

Arriving at his apartment..

I looked up to see a luxurious building.I think this is his apartment building?We went up 10 stories high in an elevator and we stepped out.We then walked down 6 doors down and I saw Harry get out his keys.Hey unlocked the door.I expected to see a luxurious apartment.But boy...I was wrong.His apartment was nearly empty.Yet it was so big.

Harry:Come on in..

I stepped inside and I set my luggage next to the hat stand.

Me:Did you barely move in?

Harry:No.I had this apartment for a year.

Me:Oh sorry..I didn't know.

Harry just sighed and he plopped down on the couch.I just stood there looking dumb on what to do.

Me:May I shower?

Harry:...Sure.Bathroom is down the hallway to the left.

I thanked him and I grabbed my towel from my luggage.I got inside the bathroom.I was amazed at the texture.It had a big tub and shower.I turned the shower on the warm.I waited for a minuted until I stripped down off my clothes and jumped into the shower feeling the hotness.After the showered I wrapped myself in the towel.I mentally slapped myself because...I forgot my clothes.I peeked out of the door and saw Harry not on the couch.Where did he go?I quietly tip-toed to my luggage.I got my pajamas and right when I turned around Harry was there..

Me:Excuse me..

But he wouldn't let me pass.He just blocked my way.He kept walking towards me until I hit the wall.His face was dangerously close to mine and I could feel his eyes travel to my hands that were clutching to the towel.I couldn't let go because the towel will fall down.

Me:Harry...I need to change..

Harry:You could change right here.


He touched my hands.He looked down again.His eyes traveled near my covered breasts.Is this what Niall meant by 'weirdness?'

Harry:Never mind..

He let go and he walked away.I sighed in relief.I walked back to the bathroom and quickly changed before Harry could try to get in.I got out and I walked to the living where I found a shirtless Harry.He looked at me and then back at the television.

Harry:I forgot something.

He stood up and walked forwards me.He pulled out a blue little box and took out...a diamond ring.He grabbed my hand gently and put the ring on.It looked like we were a couple.What am I thinking?!He can never be my boyfriend.One question remains in my head.How can he be single?He has the looks,money..everything.Well..I don't know anything about him.We sat down on the couch and watched television for about an hour until it was time to go sleep.

Me:So where do I sleep?

Harry:I'll sleep on the floor.

He went to the hallway and I followed him.He went inside this bedroom that had a big bed and a floor lamp with drawers and a closet.His house is boring except for the bathroom.The bed was big enough for the both of us.But I realized that he was only a stranger.I mentally face-palmed myself for thinking that the both of us could fit in the bed.I laid down on the bed while Harry turned the lights off and laid down on the floor.


Next Morning..

I woke up.But something was grabbing me by the waist.I to my side and saw Harry innocently sleeping while he was grabbing my waist.He moved slightly but never left his spot.I played with his hair because...it was tempting.Then...his eyes suddenly popped open and he got on top of me.I shrieked.He was smirking.

Harry:Caught you.

Me:I-I thought you were asleep!

He got off of me and left the room.Leaving me with fast heartbeats.But something so weird happened when he was grabbing my waist.There were sparks.Does this happen when I get nervous or what?

*Phone ringing*

I answered my phone and it was Uncle.


Uncle:Kelly!Good morning!Could you please start today for work?

Me:Sure thing..

Uncle:Good!So..how are things with Harry?

Me:What do you mean?

Uncle:Do you remember when Niall said "I hope she can handle his 'weirdness?'


Uncle:Well..Harry is kind of a pervert.But he's a nice silent guy!You'll get use to him!But remember you can always tell me if you want to change guys!

Me:Thanks Uncle that's helpful because..well..He got on top of me when I was awake which was weird.

Uncle:Jeez!Well see you at the cafe!


I hung up and put my phone back on the nightstand.I laid back down on the bed.Thinking should I change boys?There was always Niall...I sighed and got out of bed and walked to the living room.

*Door knocks*

Harry:Could you get that for me?I'm cooking breakfast.

I looked behind me and never realized Harry was there.I nodded and answered the door.When I did I saw a posh,fancy-looking man.He looked at me weirdly and then smiled.

???:Hello.My name is Rob.Harry's butler.

Me:Um..hello.My name is Kelly.

We shook hands until Rob's eyes popped out.

Rob:I-Is that an engagement ring?


Rob:Is Prince Harry in here?

Me:Prince Harry?Who's that?

He came in without me inviting him but I followed him into the kitchen.Boring as always.I saw Harry with an apron cooking.

Rob:Prince Harry!

Harry turned around surprised.So he's Prince Harry?Well that explains the name.


Rob:You never told me you're engaged!

Harry:Uh..I forgot.

Harry:So what are you doing here in Chicago?

Rob:I'm visiting for a while and then I will be going back to England.

Harry's the prince of England?!Barely 2 days in Chicago everything is going weird and mysterious!





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