Fake Marriage (Harry) *ON HOLD*

4 (Liam is taken)gorgeous,non-famous boys that need help from one certain girl.Who will she choose?(Harry) There will be other versions of the other boys so calm down and let me finish this version FIRST.


1. Hello New City

Kelly's P.O.V

I stepped off the train along with my luggage.I look around to see many tall buildings.Hello Chicago.I sighed and took a look at my phone.I had one new message from Uncle Carson.He's the reason I came to Chicago.He needed my help I guess.I opened the message and it said:

From:Uncle Carson

Come to this addres *Address*


I kept walking until I saw a curly-haired boy in front of a wedding dress shop.He caught me staring and I quickly walked away embarrassed.After 30 minutes trying to look for the location.I spotted a cafe.There was a blonde dude in front looking at his phone.I needed help because I was lost so I stepped up in front of him.

Me:Excuse me but could help me?I'm kinda lost.

He looked up from his phone.

???:Sure.Where are you going?

I showed him the address and he laughed.What's funny?

???:You're already here!

Me:Oh!Thank you..uh..


Me:Oh.Thank you Niall!

Me:So what are you doing outside?

Niall:Just waiting for Jim to open this place.

Me:Who's Jim?

Niall:He's the owner of the cafe.

I nodded.

We continued to talk for 5 minutes until an older man that looked like he was in his thirties came up to us.

???:Hello Niall.Who's this?


Me:My name is Kelly.

The man looked at me in shock and smiled.We shook hands and suddenly..he hugged me?

???:Oh sorry.I forgot to introduce you myself.

We broke apart and Niall was looking at us weirdly.

???:I'm your Uncle Carson!

I stood there my jaw was wide open.

I hugged him again and chuckled.

Me:I haven't seen you in a long time Uncle!

Jim(Uncle Carson):You have grown so much!

We smiled at each other and I noticed Niall looking lost.

Niall:Uh...Hello?Can we get inside for you explain why do you have a neice?

Uncle or Jim nodded and took out his keys to unlock the cafe.We got inside and I noticed that this wasn't just a cafe.It was a bar.Who knew Uncle owned this kind of place?

Uncle:Kelly?Could you do me a favor and go to the mart and buy these things for me?

He handed me a list and I nodded.I grabbed my shoulder bag and I headed out.I walked to the nearest store and I pulled out the list.


Where can I get the eggs...I looked up a shelf and saw cartons of eggs.Great.I can't reach that high.I tip-toed as far as I can.Then..I fell back.But..something strong and mascular caught me.I turned around and saw a brown haired boy.He was glaring at me.I blushed and quickly stood up.I was embarrassed so badly.

???:Watch where you're going.

Jeez.What's up with him?I accidentally fell back why can't he accept that?

???:So what are you trying to get?

I snapped back to reality and noticed him staring at me bluntly.

Me:I..uh...need eggs.

He sighed and nodded.He easily grabbed a carton of eggs.He was so tall...He gave the eggs to me and I smiled.

Me:Thank you

???:Is that it?

He asked looking at my list.I shook my head no and he sighed.He took my list and started walking away.I followed him get all the items on the list.He got all the items and gave them to me.I thanked him and he just walked away.This guy has problems.I paid the cashier and walked back to the cafe/bar.Once I got there...


A/N CLIFFHANGER :3 Sorry I had to end it there I had to go to sleep.





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