The Holocaust.

This is a poem i wrote about the Holocaust that took place in 1933. :)


1. The Time



You may not see it now, 

but yet you are so free,

This event that we call the Holocaust,

started in 1933.


The Germans came and conquered,

took everything in store.

All the Jews really truly wanted,

was to feel feel safe and secure.


Some may say its nothing,

its really not that bad,

but when you have to starve and work,

you'll be glad all that you have.


This ghetto that they lived in,

was just dust and floors,

They each prayed each night,

Dear God, i know you have something in store.


The camps that they were sent to,

they thought was just some labor,

The showers they expected,

was gas-killing chambers.


Hitler thought he was proud,

killing one by one,

but when the Allies came

the war was won and done.


The Jews were set free,

and happily filled with pride,

That the Holocaust they went through, 

ended in 1945.


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