My Small Joy

Macy Alexandria Luke-Ryan (Named Luke after mother,Ryan after father), has gotten big news. She is pregnant. She waits until the right moment to tell everyone the exciting news, but will the rest of the family be as excited? Read to find out!��

Four new chapters out on the 19th


1. The Results

As Macy sat on the cold, toilet seat cover, she gazes at the test.  Positive.  She trembles with fear at how a baby will affect her life. She hears footsteps out side the door and hides the test quickly. She flushes the toilet, and rushes out of the bathroom. As she stumbled into her bedroom, she she pulls out the test, hoping it changed.  Positive.  She crashed on the floor, not quite sure wether to cry, or to smile.

She reaches for phone sitting on her bed and starts dialing her boyfriend, Max, but decides to wait and tell him in person. She got up off the floor and starts to pace around the room.

 "Macy Alexandria Luke-Ryan, get down here now!" Mrs. Luke shouted out so that her hard-headed daughter could hear her.  "Macy, come walk the dog and then go to the library, you have to meet Max there!"

Oh crud, I'll be late! Macy ran out with her book bag; spilling books, and almost forgot the dog. The door slammed shut as her foot was pulling the screen door closed. 

She jumped in the car after shoving the dog in the fenced area and started the car, and screeched away.

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