Not a love story. -marcel-

Harry Edward Styles.
Well that WAS my name. Moved here to London after I was Beaten last year from the bullies. Let's just say I kinda deserved it. I was a jerk. So I moved here and changed my style.
When I moved to London people started making fun of me for the way I dressed and talked.
Well that was until I met Raina.
Raina moved here from America and she was the most popular girl in school. Cheerleader. Dates jocks. So maybe I went a little to far this time,
Last time I ever try to impress women,


2. the makeover

I went through the closets. Anything I could find that's not formal.

I decided to change my look... Back to the old Harry.

Well I should probably go shopping. Buy a couple outfits.

"Hey mum I'm going to go shopping for clothes is that alright?" I asked.

My mum nodded and handed me £100.

I smiled and got into the car.

When I arrived at the mall I walked into the first store that looked cool I could find. Old Navy.

I went into the pants sections and got a couple pairs of Skinny jeans. Then I went into the shirt section and got a couple tees.

I paid for that and walked out going over to Payless Shoe store.

When I walked in there were a pair of Boots. They were Caterpillar® boots. So I bought them too.

Now to get a hair cut.

I walked in the barber.

"Hello sir what can we do for you today?" A man asked.

I smiled and thought. "Let's go curly with a trim."

They finished and I walked out feeling weird but cooler.

The next day I out on my regular school clothes. No this couldn't do, I thought.

Now it was time to show off my stuff. I was gonna try on my new outfit and go to school.

I took of my vest and shirt and replaced if with a graphic tee that had a cross on it.

Then I took off my slacks and shoes and replaced those with dark skinny jeans and boots.

My hair was ruffled into curls and I took off my fake glasses.

I looked in the mirror and gasped.

I looked totally different.

I looked sexy.

I pulled up at school and parked my car in the front instead of the back.

When I got out I fixed my shades and slung my back pack over my shoulder smacking my gum.

"Be awesome" I thought to myself. "Be... Harry,"

A couple girl starred at me in disbelief.

I stepped inside and it felt like everyone's eyes were on me.

Jake looked shocked. He gulped and walked over to me.

"Hey you must be the new kid," he said holding out his hand.

I smiled. "Yeah I am,"

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Harry... Harry Styles,"

His eyes grew large when I mentioned Styles.

"Are you related to Marcel?" He asked.

I nodded slowly. "Yeah step cousins. But he moved back to Cheshire,"

He nodded.

" so let me show you around. I'm sure you will fit in here,"

It felt weird that my my bully who's girlfriend I secretly have a crush on is being nice to me.

Wait WTF!!


How is it should I keep going.

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