Not a love story. -marcel-

Harry Edward Styles.
Well that WAS my name. Moved here to London after I was Beaten last year from the bullies. Let's just say I kinda deserved it. I was a jerk. So I moved here and changed my style.
When I moved to London people started making fun of me for the way I dressed and talked.
Well that was until I met Raina.
Raina moved here from America and she was the most popular girl in school. Cheerleader. Dates jocks. So maybe I went a little to far this time,
Last time I ever try to impress women,


4. Raina's POV


I ran off only thinking of the first place to go.

Marcels house. Not Jakes house. I could never se him again.

I walked up Marcel's driveway and hulled up my backpack.

I knocked on the door knowing that Marcel was probably at school.

When I knocked on the door Mrs,Styles answer.

"Oh hello Ms.Raina. Shouldn't you be at school?" She asked.

I nodded. "Yeah but... I kinda had to leave my parents for a while. I wanted to know if I could stay for a but. Then I would be out of your hair,"

"No listen Raina it's find. You can stay here for asking as you can. I don't care if it's forever. Your always welcome. Now you mind telling me what's up?"

I nodded and sat down. "Well my parents are drug dealers and I found out that they owed my ex, boyfriends parents money. When they didn't hand them any they said that if they don't come up with the money in a month they would find me and kill me."

She was shocked. "Babe why don't you call the police?"

"Because it's complicated."

We sat there is silence. "Listen babe in here if you need me. Would you like some Tea?"

I nodded and she heated up water in a kettle then poured it in 2 cups and added tea bags.

"I'm here if you need me. Harry should be here soon enough."


"Oh goodness me. Well Marcel was just something I called him. That was his nerdy look. He did it to create a new image. I don't know why but he's looking like him old self again," she gushed.

First my parents lied to me. Now Ma-Harry. I'm gonna have a long talk to him when he gets home.

But on the other side I'm kinda excited to see the knew Harry.

-Harry's POV-

Niall handed me a towel and I gladly accepted as I wiped my face free from sweat.

"Your pretty good at football lad, I reckon you try out for the team," Niall said putting a Han on my shoulder.

"I don't know you think I should give it a go?"

Niall nodded and we went into my car.

My phone rang an I picked it up, mum.

"Hey mum what's up?" I asked.

"Oh hello Harry well we have a guest who will be living with us for a while,"

I looked over at Niall.


"Raina." She paused. "And I reckon you come home ASAP,"

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