Not a love story. -marcel-

Harry Edward Styles.
Well that WAS my name. Moved here to London after I was Beaten last year from the bullies. Let's just say I kinda deserved it. I was a jerk. So I moved here and changed my style.
When I moved to London people started making fun of me for the way I dressed and talked.
Well that was until I met Raina.
Raina moved here from America and she was the most popular girl in school. Cheerleader. Dates jocks. So maybe I went a little to far this time,
Last time I ever try to impress women,


6. meeting her

I walked in with Niall and Raina stood up with my mum.

"Hey Mum, Raina,"

She waved still looking at the ground.

"So Harry how was School?"

I nodded.

"It's was alright."

"So this is Raina, Raina meet Harry Styles."

She looked up and for a second her eyes met mine. They were so pretty.

"Hey I'm Raina nice to meet you,"

Wait so she didn't remember.

"Nice to meet you too,"

I saw Niall with his eyes wide.

I guess he noticed too.

"Oh so who is this fine fellow?" Mum asked Niall.

"Oh hello Miss.Styles. My name is Niall Horan nice to meet you,"

"Oh a Irish lad. Tell me Niall did you move here from Ireland?"

"Yes when I started the 8th grade."

While Niall and mum were talking me and Raina just stood there in silence.

I wonder if she really knew.

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