Not a love story. -marcel-

Harry Edward Styles.
Well that WAS my name. Moved here to London after I was Beaten last year from the bullies. Let's just say I kinda deserved it. I was a jerk. So I moved here and changed my style.
When I moved to London people started making fun of me for the way I dressed and talked.
Well that was until I met Raina.
Raina moved here from America and she was the most popular girl in school. Cheerleader. Dates jocks. So maybe I went a little to far this time,
Last time I ever try to impress women,


5. Harry, ok WTF

"Mum is everything okey?" I asked concerned. "Yes Harry it's just you need to come home soon okey babe," my mum said.

"Okey be there in 5 bye,"

We were sitting at a red light when in just banged my head on the steering wheel,

"Mate is everything alright?"

I nodded and picked my head up to keep driving.

"Yeah Ni it's just... Nothing," I said a little tear slipping from my eye. I quickly whipped it away.

"Really Haz, what up?"

"Well do you know Raina McFarland?" I asked.

"Yeah isn't she dating that Jake Kingston guy,"

I nodded "yeah kinda,"

"Why does she have to do with you coming to this school,"

"Yeah kinda,"


"Well Niall I have to explain this to you and your my friend right?"

He nodded. "Course Haz,"

I smiled thinking of my nickname. "Well do you know my fake identity?"

" Harry what are you talking about."

"Well I... Let's just say. A duel Personality,"


"Okey so Moved here after a incident that happened at my old home,"

"Wait give me a sec... Your like THE Harry styles?"

I nodded. "What gave it away,"

"OMG your so big back in Ireland. But here your like blah so offense,"

"Non taken,"

"Okey so back to what you were saying,"

"Well um I moved here because of what happened at my old school,"

"Yeah uou said you got into a. Fight and threatened or something like that,"

"Well not really I mean the threatened part was correct,"

"So you got threatened,"

"Kinda I mean like I in, slept with someone I wasn't supposes to,".

"Yeah who's that,"

"Um back to Raina, I had a one night stand with one of my fans. My best friends girlfriend and he said he was gonna kill me."

Niall listened the whole time. Every few seconds I looked over at Niall and he looked like he was listening to each word.

"So I moved here and changed to Marcel Styles, But what I didn't know was that Raina always loved me"

"Wow man I'm sorry so what are you gonna do when she finds out?"

"Ill be like, hey it's Harry remember me the guy you liked. Yeah I'm back wanna make out,"

Niall smirked

."seriously Niall what do I do?"

"Well I don't know but you better figure it out soon cause were here,"

I pulled the keys from the engine and opened the door. "Okey lets go,".

Niall grabbed my arm giving me reassurance,

"Well so this together,"

I smiled. I loved having a friend like Niall, now let's go, this should be interesting.



Hey guys did you get Midnight Memories. Isn't it's AMAZAYN!! I love all their songs. I'm listening right now. Lol

Well leave your comments about the boys album and your favorite song. Btw I am also doing a contest with all my stories where I'm gonna give a series of questions about the guys. If you get them right. I will be writing a fan fiction. AND UR THE MAIN CHATACTER!! Like what guy do you want to be with and random stuff like that

You will be helping me write it. And if you have a kik please leave your name and ill kik you. KK guys the first question is.

One 1DDay on Italy's VT (if you watched you would under stand) what song did the group sing and what was the thing the woman were doing in front of them during it.

2 parts. (Btw there will be more questions.)

Also even if you don't know it. Give me yourname and idea of the story plus the guy and stuff. Maybe I will pick you as a maybe.

This chapter was dedicated to Tiger99. Go check out her stories. There FABULOUIS!! LUV ya Neha but not as much as u love Louis.

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