love at a concert

imagian if your at a colton dixon concert and your world gets turned around


2. late night movie and the concert

riellys pov

i got back and sarah picked out the hunger games and the hunger games 2 i said at least i poped enough popcorn to have an all nighter we started watching the hunger games  at twelve we started watching the hunger games 2 at 2.00 am it ended and we went to bed****it was the next morning a saterday yay because that was the day of the concert at 12.00 i and sarah both ate lunch  at 2.00 i took a shower i got out into of the steamy bathroom covering me with the towel i looked at the time it was 3.30 i dried off and put on a pair of blue skinny jeans with black and white high-tops and a white v-neck t-shirt with a black beanie after getting dressed i checked the time it was 4.00 a clock i said it was time to go so both sarah & i got into the car buckled up and started the engine and started on our way to the concert we got there got in & there were so many screaming fans i tried to look over the crowd once i saw his hair i knew he was walking threw the crowd i started screaming just like the others but instead of just screaming i was screaming while squizing threw it i got to the table he was at  it said SINGING COMPITION TO WIN TO GO ON TOUR with colton i said to myself well it wouldnt hurt if i oditioned so i did i got into the room and raced to the front with sarah we got the front row i was so surprised while he was singing we were screaming like maniacs and taking pictures like crazy once the concert was over there was a signing sarah and i both rushed to get in line witch we were like the 12 ones we got up to the table and there he was COLTON DIXON we maid eye contact witch i thought was awesome but kinda creepy we got superat pics with him then we were about to go when he handed me a little yellow piece of paper and said are you in the drawing to sing with me on tour at that very moment i said yes yes i am  he said whats your name i said RIELLY WEAVER  he said well rielly i will find your application and he said wernt you that girl in the front row i said yeah i was that one and then he said  i cant wait to see you tomorrow i couldnt belive it my dream it was coming to life   and then he said call me k thats why i love 2 day concerts  ***** sorry that this one is short but i have to go to bed night love you all

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