love at a concert

imagian if your at a colton dixon concert and your world gets turned around


1. almost concert

rielly,s pov

me and my friend sarah were walking to our lockers wonce we got there she pulled something outta hers

sarah,s pov

i told her to close her eyes

riellys pov  

she told me to close my eyes so i did then she told me to open and i could not belive what was in front of me it was two colton dixon concert tickets the one i was waiting for all year long (did i mention i am a big fan of colton dixon) anyways she said who are you gonna take well me being my kind inisent way i said who do you think you then she turned to me and said i knew youd say that i love my bff she knows what im gonna say all the time then sarah looked at me again and said can i spend the night me being my usuale self i said of course 3.30 came around pretty fast i we first stoped at sarahs house grabed some clothes of hers then next stop mcdonalds then home well we were at mcdonalds and i ordered my ushual the number 2 sarah ordered the number 2 to then we sat down there at mcdonalds ate and then started driving  to my house we got inside  (oh i forgot to tell you that my mom  has been hospital-ised for 4 years now)  me as a 16 years old i lock the door when ever i get inside i told sarah to pick a movie out while i go make some popcorn

righters pov

sorry guys i kinda had to speed this one up a little but i promise the others wont be this little


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