The Secret Love

This is a nice story about a girl and a guy. The girl an antisocial out cast wasn't desperate to be popular or liked for that matter. The guy a popular guy everyone likes, finds that he wants to stand up for his little out cast. But will she reject all of the attention and blow her chance. Read to find out.


1. Chapter 1 (edited)

I walked down the street that lead to my house, it was a small house but it served its purpose. When I heard someone behind me. Before the sound of their voices even got to me I knew who it was. The popular group, the only people in school who would talk to me, well more like tell me I am a nothing. I started to run but of course they are on the Track, Football, Soccer, and Wrestling teams. I couldn’t outrun them, and I knew that. I tried to lead them away from my house so I ran past the safe heaven, one of the football players was right behind me so I pulled the last amount energy I had and sprinted toward the forest, but before I could step onto the leaves the football player tackled me. I landed on the ground with an 'oof'. He picked me up and threw me over the back to the group.

"What the Hell do you want?" I screamed. They kicked me and repeated the same old  things. I noticed one person not doing anything though. I looked at him with pleading eyes. He tells his friends to stop then they left I got to see his face. It was my crush. Did he just save me? And if he did Why?

I got up off of the ground and dragged myself to my house.

“What happened to you?” My mother asked. I shrugged her off and walked up to my room. I finished my homework and went to bed.

After yesterday's odd events I ignored the guy who helped me. He was probably just trying to make me have my guard down. Anyways I walked to my locker and did my combination. Right away I saw a note flutter to the ground. I pick it up and unfold it. It said:

Dear Samantha,

I have been watching you for a while, I always was against you being beat and what not. I also think if you hate yourself enough to slash your wrists and listen to the things people  write all of the nasty stuff on your locker

Your friend


I stood shocked it didn't even have a name. I shoved the letter back into the locker and grabbed all my stuff. One of the guys tried to catch me but I just speed walked down the hall. He finally caught up to me. I was squirming left and right trying to get out of the boys grasp.

"Let go of me!" I wined.

"No! Sammy, not until you listen. I have seen what you have done to yourself and I need you to understand. Please Sam." He said resting his head on my shoulder embracing me into a hug. I shook him off and looked at him.

"I-I ca-can't tell you. Salem I can't tell you because if you don't know already then I am sorry. I am hurt because of you. You and your friends have been harassing me for years. I have had so much stuff piled on to me in the past years and I don't think I can forget and forgive. Bye." I said and turned to leave. I saw a crowd behind me. I closed my eyes hold my head high. I walked past every one, as soon as I got past everyone I knew I was breaking. I hurried off the campus. Tears rushing down my face. I know I am weak but I don't show it. Running all the way home I cried. I walked to my room with no questioning by my mom. I grabbed an old Polaroid camera. Flipping it around in my hands. I sat it down and grabbed some old pictures. Tears slipped through my eyes. There were pictures of me and my old friends. When I did have friends that is. Someone then knocked on my door.

"What the Hell do you want mom!" I screamed.

"It's not your mom. Can I come in?"

"Nate?" I choked.

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