It can be any Celeb or made up character (like a crush in school lol) I don't care if it's stupid, funny, dirty. It can be anything.
Leave a description your name the persons name and stuff like that COOL LUV YA ALLLL


22. imagine for Julia

I was sitting at home on Twitter when all of a sudden I saw my friend Neha tweet me.

I looked at it and it said something about 1D coming to town. I mini fangirled and called her up she invited our friend Madi who was from NY, and we are all living in London with Neha.

I smiled and skyped the girls who were at Nehas families.

I don't know why but madi offered to go with her.

I heard my door bell ring and I put my laptop down and walked over to the door.

I opened it and almost died right there. Like dropped dead.

"Um... Hello," I said in my Swedish accent.

"Oh hi." Louis Tomlinson said.

"So um what's up?" I asked as if this was totally normal.

"Hey our bus broke down. We wanted to know if we could like stay with you or something." Harry styles said.

"My mom always told me not to talk to strangers, come in."

The boys shrugged and I went in the kitchen.

"You boys want food?" I asked.

They nodded."that would be cool," Liam Payne said.

I pulled out stuff to make sandwiches and they all grabbed everything. Even Niall found the Crisps

I laughed and they all sat down.

"Let's play Truth Or Dare!" Harry said.

I smiled. "Totally"

We all sat in a circle.

"Ok Zayn truth or dare,"

"Truth." He said causing the guys to groan.

"You always pick Truth,"Louis complained I just laughed.

"Fine dare.!" He gave in.

Louis stroked his chin.

"Go let someone if your choice mess up your hair and post a picture of it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and you have to stay like that till the end of the game."

Zayn looked like he could die.

He shrugged and him and Liam went into a room.

He all laughed and giggled when they came back in.

His hair looked terrible it was funny though.

"Ok um Julia truth or dare?"


"Who's your favorite in the band?" Zayn asked.

I blushed. "Niall"

They all poked and he laughed.

"Harry truth or dare"

"Truth i don't know you,"

"Aww ok well how much do you believe in Larry?"

" 100%"

I giggled.

"Niall truth or dare,"


"Kiss Julia,"

I looked at him and he grabbed my face kissing me passionately,

I smiled and he let go.


Best day ever.

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