It can be any Celeb or made up character (like a crush in school lol) I don't care if it's stupid, funny, dirty. It can be anything.
Leave a description your name the persons name and stuff like that COOL LUV YA ALLLL


1. a terrible example.

I sat on my bed and smiled as my phone beeped.

I answered. "Hey!" I said to my bestie.

"Hey anyway guess what y/n just got you a date with THE Louis Tonlinson" we both freaked out for a while until I almost stopped breathing.

"When?" I asked.


I screamed. "Okey let me go pick out something!"

I got a shirt with a cross on it and then skinny jeans with ankle boot.

This is what i will wear tomorrow.

*the next day*

I heard a knock on the door and there was THE Louis Tomlinson with flowers in my hands.

"Hello Maddy. And my I say you are way prettier in real life then in those pictures I saw of you."

I smiled and took the flowers putting then a vase.

"Okey lets go!"

The date went perfect. We kissed and soon Louis took me back to his apartment.


Btw that was terrible.

It was just a. Terrible example of what I would look like. But I just brain stormed one and it's like 11 pm lol so remember to comment lol


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