The Daring Dozen

Children's Story


1. Morelands

Chapter 1

The daring dozen, as they called themselves, were a bunch of energetic 10 year olds who grew up in the same city and spent every minute of every day together. They loved exploring new places, they had great fun chasing each other, and had a habit of playing hide and seek in highly dangerous and derelict buildings.

“Wowee… just look at this place… It is magnificent!” Crispy said.

“Just think of all those tight spaces and dark corners we can find and fit into!” stated Gerry.

“Absolutely, no seeker would ever be able to find me in a million years!”

Their new place of activity was located on the corner of Hangman’s Creek. Above the front gates hung a massive matchbox with two matches either side. Their logo was as big as two houses and the factory covered 50 football pitches. It was common knowledge that it was once a world famous factory for making matches, and although they passed it every day on the way to school they hadn’t got round to investigating it. To the gang, the idea of revisiting the same place made them think they weren’t good enough to be called explorers. They decided to do how true trailblazers do - first their city, then their country, then the continents of the World, and then into the vast, dark, diamond housing location above - space. Their motto ‘to know everything is to explore, to explore everything is to know.’

“C’mon, let’s find a base…”

The group began to run.

“Yes, good idea! We can put our drinks and food down and then play.”

As soon as Phil had finished Roger’s sentence off he instantly caught sight of a round concrete structure through a passage in this tired, old and grey site from the late 1800’s Porky stuffed his face with two bars of chocolate and then began to pull out a nutbag on arrival as he caught up with the group.

‘Hey, check this!’ Sally excitedly said as she pointed.

‘OMG guys!’ Truds picked up the piece of tired paper and through the dirt and dust she revealed a map. The group had gathered over her. She began to read the bold black title.

‘Hangman’s Corner…’ They all gaze and stare into one another. Eyes wide open. Each person feels their spine-tingle with terror upon hearing these haunting words. Every feeling multiplies malevolently as these bezzie mates share their most benign moment to date.

Truds voice was now quivering as she continued ‘H…h…hangman’s C..c…corner……h…h…s...has…’

‘Oh give it here, let a boy read it out’

Crispy instructed and then continued with his familiar direct tone.

‘Hangman’s Corner, as it is still known to this day, has played host to many turbulent tales. Firstly it was a site for hangings and humiliations. Criminals, witches and all types of wrong-doers have been embarrassed, executed, and then buried on this ancient site. It went onto become a resting place for all types of people and was thus named ‘The Old Boneyard’.

“We should leave” stated Matt “We should leave right away.”

“No chance” Joey Major keenly replied. “This is our most famous play spot ever.”

“Almost everybody in the group nodded with Joey Major”

It is said in every country across the world that decisions get made by popular vote and the rest of the individuals will follow, instead of following what is in their hearts.

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