The Daring Dozen

Children's Story


2. Hidden

Chapter 2

The group split into four parts with Mark, Matt and Joey Major dashing away to the left whilst Ginger followed behind his two team mates departing off to the right. Gerry was the fastest, Crispy the smartest, and Porky, who could make a tank look skinny, always stayed together venturing off through the middle. The rest stayed and watched their posse part from the weathered, grey, mound of concrete they all now knew as ‘the base’.

Over rusty metal sheets, in between polluted black walls, darkness grew as they got deeper and deeper and deeper. The rush and buzz made their heartbeat bump like a fast paced thumping drum. Suddenly it went pitch black like someone had just turned off a light. Then bang! Gerry pounded a closed door, in came Crispy, slamming into the back of him. Then, along came the big, huge, colossal stomps of Porky – THUD….THUD…. THUD.

‘Arrrgghhhh….STOP PORKY STOP’ they screamed but it was too late. He walloped them hard like a steam train would to anything on its tracks. They were squashed from head-to-toe between his fat, blubbery belly and the cold, metal surface. The door made a small creek, which developed and amplified, producing a wailing screech from the thrill seekers.


Snap! The door busted off its hinges and onto the stairs. Now, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that when a ball gets rolled off the top of the hill it runs all the way to the bottom. But what you might not know is when you lay a door on a flight of stairs, add two small boys and one bulging jelly-belly to that equation, and my friends, you have the quickest slide in the history of the world!

Their scream was as loud as an earsplitting, whizzing, shrilling jam packed elevator plummeting to earth from the 99th floor of a see through skyscraper. They zipped through gigantic cobwebs to the growling sound of metal on metal. CRRRRR! They eventually stopped but the intimidating grumble continued. CRRRRR… CRRRRR…

“Can you hear that alarming noise boys?” Porky said worryingly “We need to escape”

All the boys pictured a beastly metal werewolf with jaws of steel, bones made of metal bars, and razor sharp fangs as long as swords, the animal-like sound increased. CRRRRR…

“Get me out of here… We can hardly see our hands in front of our own faces let alone see each”

“It’s getting louder” interrupted the fearful and panicking Porky “How…how…how do we…”

“Look… There… Over to the right there is a small speck of light shining through a hole”

“Let’s go…go…go!” Shouted Gerry.

Danger magnified itself with each step. Every sense was a heightened sensation.

They were being chased and by this time the grumble was so loud it rang through their ears, drowning out the frightened noises of the youths. The tight space doubled in rumble and sounded like a fat bird crashing around its cage trying to escape 10 starving cats’ claws, sending tremors through their bodies. The beast was gaining on them and gaining on them.

They reached the light. ‘CRACK…CRACK’. The wooden panel swung open with two kicks and the boys rushed through the hole slamming it shut behind them.

“C’mon, everyone must hold this shut”

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