Didn't Mean It -Harry Styles-

Lexie Horan beautiful girl, ugly secrets.


8. Chapter 8

        I woke up the next day, I left my room and walked out to find everybody already awake.
       Niall had a crumpled letter in his hand. "When did you plan on telling me this?"
       I looked at him confused, "What are you talking about?"
       He got up and walked over to me, handing me the letter. "I'll be back soon." Just like that, he grabbed his jacket and walked out.
        I looked down at the letter. Whoever wrote it is pretty messed up. It said how I got a positive on my pregnancy test. It's no ones business but mine. I was going to the rest of the guys when it was time.
        I looked over at my father, "Dad?"
       He looked up at me. "Why didn't you just tell us? I wouldn't of been mad. I'm going to support you through it all."
        I felt a tear roll down my cheek. "One thing the letter doesn't say is that-" I looked down at my hands. I felt every ones eyes on me, watching my every move. "I had a miscarriage. I had an appointment and the baby is now removed." I had tears in my eyes.
       I looked back up and saw Greg and Denise looking sad. The boys all didn't know what to say. My dad got up and hugged me.
       "I'm sorry princess." He whispered.
       I pulled away and looked at him. "I'm going to go lie down. I'm not feeling well."
       He nodded and kissed my forehead. "You head to your room and get ready for today. Take your time."
        I started walking to my room, I turned around and looked at Liam. "Can you accompany me?"
       He nodded and got up, meeting up with me in the hallway. We walked silently to my room. After he walked in, I closed the door. I took my spot next to Liam on the bed.
       "She left so quick, I didn't know what happened." Liam said blinking rapidly. 
       I looked at him confused, "What-what are you talking about?" I furrowed my eyebrows.
       "Sophia." He looked up at me then down at his hands. "I was on the phone with her the night before she died." A tear rolled down his cheek.
       I looked at him. "I didn't know she died. I though you guys just broke up."
       He shook his head and bit his lip. "The found her lying in a pool of her blood, Lex. They cut her throat. I told the boys we broke up. They don't know she's dead. They were out of the country when it happened."
       I hugged him and let him cry on my shoulder. I was surprised at the sudden outburst, I didn't know what to do. So, I patted his back.
       "Liam," I said when he finally settled down. I pulled away from him and looked at him. "Do you know if Niall gave my number out to anyone?"
       He shook his head. "I know the lads and I have it. Your parents, Greg and Denise. That's all I know. Why?"
       I grabbed my phone off the counter. "I got this text last night. I think it's Justin, I don't know." I opened up the text and showed it to him.
       He read it and looked back over at me, "I've been getting those ever since Sophia's death." He took his phone out and showed my a text reading; 
    'She's buried now, care to join her soon? ;)
            Xoxo, J'
       I handed him the phone back to him. "Are you the only one getting those?"
       He shrugged, "I have no idea. All I know is, we all have secrets we wouldn't even repeat to ourselves. Who knows what the boys are hiding, or what kind of texts they're receiving."
       There was a knock on the door, "Lex," I heard Louis' voice. "We were all thinking about going out for lunch, care to join us?" 
       I looked at Liam and he nodded at me. "Yeah, we'll be out in a bit."
       I got up and walked over to my bag laying on the couch. I looked over at Liam to see him standing by the door, holding it open for me. I walked out and over to the rest of the boys and my family, Niall was back from wherever he was.
       "Ready." I smiled at them, and we left.
I'm not happy with chapter.
Sorry I haven't updated in like 373836 years, I was busy every weekend and I had a bunch of useless homework.

QOTC: what's your favorite color?
            -mines purple
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