Didn't Mean It -Harry Styles-

Lexie Horan beautiful girl, ugly secrets.


7. Chapter 7

-Harry's P.O.V-
       I closed the door behind me and turned to face Niall.
       "Hey man, do you still like my sister?" He asked.
       I have always found Lexie very attractive. After talking with her for several months, I couldn't deny that I had a crush on her. But, Justin came into the picture and everything went downhill from there. Plus, I was now dating Kendall Jenner and didn't want to mess that up.
       "I don't know." I scratched the back of my neck. "Plus, by the looks of it, she doesn't want a boyfriend or anything like that anytime soon."
       "Well, I wouldn't want her with anybody else. To be honest, I trust you with her more than anyone. Good luck bro." He patted my back. I nodded. "Oh before I forget, the boys are on their way here. They want to checkup on Lexie and spend time here."
       I nodded, "I'll tell her."
       He nodded and walked off, I walked back onto the room and saw Lexie sitting there.
       She smiled at me, "Missed the best part of the movie."
       I walked over and sat down by her, "The boys are on their way."
       "They are?! I missed them." You could tell she was thinking of the last time they saw each other.
       I looked at my phone, and then looked back at her. "You don't have a twitter do you?"
       She shook her head. "Why?"
       I shrugged, "Just wondering." I looked down at the flower-print duvet and up at her hazel eyes. "Lex, I-"
       "SURPRISE!" I was interrupted by the door opening and Louis, Zayn and Liam walking in. "Did we interrupt?" He smiled.
       "No, no! Come in!" Lexie smiled.
-Lexie's P.O.V-
       "Hey Lex, your professor just called." Niall said walking in. "He said you can have a week off. You won't have to makeup the work, just do a small project."
       I nodded, "Sounds fine. Niall?"
       "Hold on, my phones ringing." He answered it and walked out into the hall.
       "How you feeling?" Zayn asked as he patted my leg.
       I shrugged, "Better by the minute."
       "Don't worry Lex, you'll be the old you in no time. Not saying you changed, just saying everything will get better." Liam smiled at me.
       I smiled, "How's everyone? I've been away far too long and I want details of everything."
       "Well, I'm on a football team. Liam, here finally left Sophia and realized Danielle's the one for him and Zayn is getting married soon. Harry here, is dating Ms. Kendall Jenner. Nothing too big." Louis shrugged.
       "Kendall Jenner? I can't stand her." I rolled my eyes.
       "Neither can I." Louis whispered.
       Just then Niall came in, he was scratching the back of his neck. "Lex?"
       I looked up at him. "What?"
       "I have something to tell you." He sat down next to Liam at the end of the bed.
       "What is it?"
       He hesitated, "Justin's out of jail. Someone paid his fine, they wouldn't tell me who."
       I shrugged, "This day was coming sooner or later. I can't ignore it forever."
       Niall nodded, "Oh, I uh" he reached in pocket and pulled out a new phone. "I got you a phone today while you girls went out to lunch. I already installed a few numbers." He handed it to me
       I got up and hugged him, "Thank you!"
       He pulled away, "Ok, you need some rest, it's getting late. Come on guys."
       They all hugged me and left with a 'goodbye.' I got up and walked towards the bathroom. I stripped out of my clothes and walked into the shower.
       I got dressed in pajamas and I blow dried my hair. I walked out and my phone vibrated right away.
                   From: Unknown
         I'm back bitch. Watch out.
               Xoxo, J.
       Who gave Justin my number...?
I feel so bad I didn't update for a long time! I've been busy! I'm back ♡ comment what you want to happen.
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