Didn't Mean It -Harry Styles-

Lexie Horan beautiful girl, ugly secrets.


12. Chapter 12

-One Week Later-
       It was Monday and everything was getting better, beside the fact that my mum, dad, Greg, Denise and Theo left back to Ireland. The boys, except for Harry and Niall, were leaving after my trial this Friday and I was upset.
       Niall was sitting taping the table as he was talking to Zayn about something. I was laughing over a joke Louis made and Liam and Harry were in the next room watching TV. 
       "Lex, what was it that room?" Niall asked. "Why were Harry and you down there last week?"
       I shrugged, "Nothing. Just pipes and holes in the wall."
       "I want to check it out." Zayn said.
       "Me too." Louis agreed.
       "What's happening?" Liam said as he walked out of the kitchen, a newly made bag of popcorn in his hand.
       "Lexie has this room under her room." Zayn said, looking up at Liam.
       "Sounds dangerous." He looked at me. "Let's go see it."
       They stood up, walking out of the dining room and towards my room with me behind them. I heard Harry walking up behind me.
       "What's going on?" He whispered to me.
       "They want to see the room under my room." I whispered back and walked into my room meeting the other boys.
       "Under the rug." I pointed to the black rug on the floor.
       Zayn walked over and lifted the rug up, revealing the door. He opened it up and looked at us.
       "Go in." Niall said, walking over to Zayn.
       One by one they went downstairs and I was the last one down. Harry decided to stay upstair in case anything happened again.
       "Let's check out the left side. Harry and I only checked the right last time." I said and walked in front of them.
       "Is there a light down here?" Liam said looking around. Once he spotted it on the wall, he walked over turning it on and jogged back over to us.
       The left side was almost the same as the right, except there wasn't as much holes in the walls and the right didn't smell as bad as the left. I covered my nose with the collar of my shirt as the smell got worse.
       "Where is that coming from?" Louis said disgusted.
       We approached a huge white freezer. The smell increasing.
       "Let me open it, it must be coming from in there." Niall walked in front of me and opened it.
       "Take Lexie upstairs now." Niall demands to Zayn.
      Zayn grabs my waist. I pull him off. "No, Niall, what's in their?"
       Zayn grabbed my hand, "Come on Lexie. Let's go."
       "No!" I screamed to Zayn, he put his hands up in surrender.
       I turned back to Niall and pushed passed him. I gasped at what I saw. The head of Officer Rey was there. No body, nothing. Just his head in a bag.
       I turned to look at them, our phones started vibrating or beeping indicating we got a text.
            From: Unknown
           He knew too much. Don't let that be you.
                Xoxo, J.
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