I walk alone


1. lonely

I see myself walking alone down a creepy, dark empty street. Not a soul in sight, just me myself and I. As I'm nervously walking down the quiet road, my eyes are looking around seeing all of the things that are out of place. thinking where is everyone? Is this street abandoned? Questions I can not answer by myself just yet. I can see people watching me as I slowly move pass their windows. Their eyes are following my every move. Trying to keep my head held high, but the scars within me are now showing. They're like a puncture wound on my now deflating body, like a bike tire as you keep going it deflates more.  I've tried everything to repair them but nothing seems to be working for me. Slowly yet quietly deflating no one around me notices, I'm feeling defeated, low on air much like an balloon slowly running out of air within. Reaching the end of the road I find myself at the end of nowhere. Or is it the start of something new? 

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