wonderful world


1. where it started

Waking up to hearing birds talking away to themselves, creating new songs for us to listen to. Walking outside i can see that my friendly garden spiders have been busy over night. Newly made spider webs hang everywhere, each having their own little personalitues. But one stands out the most. Its shaped like a little dress fit for a tiny fairy to wear out somewhere fancy. Its such a beautiful day today i decide to go for a walk to one of Golden Bays beautiful golden sand beaches. Feeling the sand inbetween my toes, the cool wind flying pass my face, the cold water splashing over my feet as i walk along the shallow waters. Looking around seeing how happy everyone is with their friends and family. I can hear a voice I feel as if I shoukd know. I cant figured out who belongs to that voice. Looking left to right, high and low but i cant work out this puzzle..

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