Escaping Reality

this is my first movella,so please no hate,oh and comment for ideas .3.
Young Sara has always dreamed of escaping her abusive father,he beats her whenever he gets a chance to,Sara escapes but runs into the one and only Harry Styles in the process,will she fall for him or get found by her father,read to find out.
sorry if its suckish


2. Escaping the hellhole of home

I packed a bag quickly and set it on top of my bed as I took a deep sigh,still trying to understand the concept that im running away.I heard my fathers slurred words as he screamed at me to get him his like,5th beer.When I didn't come down he got mad and started stomping up stairs.I angled myself at the window,just as I was about to jump he busted into my room.I jumped at that moment and attempted to run,I limped because  was really sore from my last beating.I bet I looked like a freak to all the people around me,with dry blood and bruises all over my face and body.I was out of breath when I realized I was lost,tired and sore,I limped to what looked like a park. Not intill I rested on a bench did I realize how tired I was,dozing off I saw a figure making it's way towards me.I actually didn't give a damn if I got kidnapped,anything was better then home.


hiya,sorry for not updatig for soooo long,my sister was diagnosed with lung cancer so yeah,comment if you have any ideas for story <3

oh and sowwy for such short chapters

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