Escaping Reality

this is my first movella,so please no hate,oh and comment for ideas .3.
Young Sara has always dreamed of escaping her abusive father,he beats her whenever he gets a chance to,Sara escapes but runs into the one and only Harry Styles in the process,will she fall for him or get found by her father,read to find out.
sorry if its suckish


3. A/N <3

sorry if you thought this was an update.

I really have no idea what to do with the story </3...and holy actual fuck,my chapters are so damn short >U<,your probably sitting there reading this story,then realizing I take soo much time with such short chapters,I wouldnt blame you for wanting to murder me 

Anyways just wanted to put that out there,so guess who gets to go to Hawaii, this gurl!!!! ^3^

See ya guys laters .3.


P.S.comment if you have any ideas for the story

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