Dont hurt me

Scarlet Johnson. An innocent 17 year old. She is bullied by 5 people at school. Jake, Josh, Ryan, Jesse and Alex. Only to come home and be abused by her dad.

Liam Payne. A dangerous blood thirsty vampire that will kill anything in its way.

Louis Tomlinson. A blood thirst vampire that aids his friends by killing random by passers.

Niall Horan. A kind-ish vampire that doesn't like killing people, so he kills animals.

Zayn Malik. The vampire that hates anything and anyone (except his 4 friends) and will kill anything for blood.

Harry styles. The cute vampire. By day, he's innocent and charming, but by night, he's worse then zayn.

One night, the boys find scarlet and kidnap her. Will she survive? Or will she just be another one of there meals?


1. Prologue

I was walking down the street, late at night when I heard it. An ear piercing scream. I ran to the source, at an alley. I heard it again, so I looked. Not realizing that was the worst idea I've ever had.

The things that were surrounding her obviously weren't humans. There eyes were blood red, they had fangs -full of blood, might I add.

I tried to back up, but I tripped over something and fell down. I smashed my head and everything's started to go black...

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