Your mine, only mine

Hey this is my very 1st real fan fiction so read it and hope you love it and it includes harry styles :)


5. Us time

When I get home I take off my scarf and jacket and I turn on the radio and do my chores.I first do the dishes my mom gave them to me as a welcome home present. They have blue lace around them.Since my family is from California I wanted to you know live here. London has great people and great shopping centers. I finish washing my dishes and clean the bathroom the living room and my bedroom.

It's 12:45 pm and I get a little hungry I make my self a sandwich and grab some orange juice. When I am done making it I get a unknown text.Oh must be Harry I totally forgot that he has my number. It says:

H-hey it's me harry um sorry to bother you twice today but want to go to the park?

E- sure :) what time though?

H-how about at 1:30 is that fine ;)

E- yeah sure that's great I will give you my adress first :)

I know that giving your adress to strange guys but this is Harry flippin Styles any girl would take my place. It's about 1:00 and it got a little warmer so I changed. I chose a black t-shirt that says Hipsta Please then I wore the same jeans and some black boots. It's about 1:30ish and in near a knock on the door.

"Hey Harry" I say and go in for a hug

"Hello Emily"he says shyly with a smirk

"Ready to go " I ask

"Sure"he responds I grab my keys and go in his car. The drive yo the park was far but it was worth it we sang along to some good tunes. We get there and I see a beautiful park with big trees green healthy green grass cut perfectly.

"You know this is the place where I got my first kiss he says 

"Oh that's cool I had my first kiss in California back in the 7th grade that guy was a douche"I say cheerfully

We both laugh and walk farther to more nature.

"I see why this is your favorite park it's lonely quiet and less crowded" I say

"Yeah"he says awkwardly

"Emily I really love your eyes and your personality" he says out of the blue

"But my eyes are just dark brown that isnt pretty" I insure him

"It is to me"he says with a smirk

It's about 3 o clock when we head to my place. I stand near my door with him I stare into his eyes like I did with the poster back a month ago. I say goodbye to him and go inside I really like him but he does not like me. I go inside and cook my self some chicken and macorroni. It sure does get lonely in my house I turn on some music and clean my dish. I head to the couch and watch some shows until it's nightime.

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