Your mine, only mine

Hey this is my very 1st real fan fiction so read it and hope you love it and it includes harry styles :)


4. Privacy sucks

"Thank you." He says warmly "Order number 12!" The cashier lady yells "I better get that I will be right back " I say promptly I go get my muffin and tea and head back with Harry. "So what brings you here in London" I ask curiously while taking a small bite out of my muffin "My sisters gemma is going to graduate college" he says proudly "Congrats tell her I said that, oh by the way I am Emily nice to meet you." I say shyly "I am Harry styles" he says with a funny smile We talk for about half an hour and get to know each other very well. He also says that his your was over last week so he has so much time with his family and friends.I was wrong about he had a concert today. "Well I better get leaving before the paparazzi think we are dating ehehe"I say "Oh well that must give them a good story.Before you go can I have your number?"He asks "Uh s-ure yeah hear us go"I say ripping a piece of napkin and writing my number .he gives me his number and he tells me to call him whenever I want to. I felt jittery inside I remember in my teenage years when I used to go on Twitter make a fan page spend all day trying to make one of the boys follow me. Oh those were the days. I go walk to my car and I see him and there is young girls surrounding him. I feel very bad for him because he does not get privacy at all. I start the car and drive home happy.

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