Your mine, only mine

Hey this is my very 1st real fan fiction so read it and hope you love it and it includes harry styles :)


8. It didnt last a bit

That night he took me home safely I always wished that a boy would like me I remember in middle school when I used to get picked on alot.I was called ugly annoying fat and so many other nasty things. I also remember that a boy in 7th grade told me that if I was in the stage of puberty and i responded no he started laughing he said I had no chest or nothing good about myself. I always shudder of that thought.But ever since Harry said I was pretty I finally felt loved and happy. He held me in his arms and we slept together in my couch at my house. In the morning he woke up before me and left a note near the dining table. "Went to meet the boys near the studio I will call you soon" -Harry. I put the note safely in my desk. I forgot that I havent changed since yesterday. It was about 11:00am so I just took a shower put a hoodie some leggings and converse. I cleaned my house and went on my laptop. I searched celebrity gossip website and saw a pic of Harry and a random girl with her hair near her waist they were kissing near the studio. I dropped my cookie and bursted with anger. I went to the studio and called harry outside.

"Hey babe whats wrong" He said excited

"What do you mean whats wrong you know whats wrong" I shoved his hug

"Emily why are acting this way?" He asked with serious eyes

"I saw in this website you were kissing  a girl!!!" I yelled

" I would never do that to you!" He yelled with anger

"Huh whats her name whats her name?" I asked kicking the ground

"Shakra she is a close friend of mine" He mumbles with eyes with tears

"Oh well I am sorry harry I lost your trust heres your braclelt back yes we lasted for a day but I dont care you just- whatever were done!" I yelled pushing him hard

When I leave I see paparazzis taking picturesof him crying and entering the studio. I see the same girl that was kissing him near her car smirking. When I pass her she grabs me and says.

" Harry is mine you worthless skank you will never be with him" She squezes my shoulder

"Let me go you bitch!" I yell with tears in my eyes

She lets me go and I run until I get to my car I rush home and cry my heart out.

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