Your mine, only mine

Hey this is my very 1st real fan fiction so read it and hope you love it and it includes harry styles :)


1. New beginnings

Emily's P.O.V

I stare at his green bright eyes and his beautiful warm smile but the dumb thing is he is on a poster. Harry Styles he is the most beautiful person in this whole world apart from his bandmates. I hold the poster out to my little sister who adores over One Direction. I am moving to out in a week but I want to give away my useless stuff away. No my Harry styles poster is not useless but my little sister wanted that poster for like 2 years now. Since I am 20 years old now might as well give to her before I go away. It's really hard to understand that I am gonna leave my family  and you know I  get to know the real world now.

" Here you go Jenna, have this I want you to keep it as a reminder of me while I am gone" I say glumly to my 13 year old sister

"Thanks em I really appreciate that" she hugs me hard and for a long time

Usually we don't get along like that but when it's to a moment like this we do. I am so tired from all that packing I fall down to take a small nap before dinner is ready. 

"Emily!!!! Dinner" my mom yells from the stairs an hour after I nap I slowly get up smooth out my skirt and head downstairs for dinner. I smell chicken and green beans.I grab a plate from the cupboard and get some food.

"Ahh Emily I am sure gonna miss you" my mom tears up

"Mom I leave in a week don't worry about that "I respond 

As I finish my dinner I  think about how I will move out in less than a week and live there without my brother John my two little sisters Kerry and  Jenna my heart sinks and I blink that thought out of my mind.

1 hour later 

I shower and brush the knots out my long black hair and curl up in my blankets I try to dream but it's to hard. 

Then I finally get tired of it and drift off to sleep 


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