The Monster Dance Short Story

What happens when a real monster is discovered at a Halloween Party?


1. Monster Dance


Behind me you can see just a normal middle school Halloween Dance. I heard there is going to be a few contests. Scariest, boldest, cutest, and most creative costumes were the four contests that  you could be categorized in. The sixth graders seemed to be like energizer bunnies. They were bouncing off walls. Seventh graders seemed to be pretty mellow compared to them but they were also noisy. Lastly, eighth graders were the most quiet.

Strolling around there was this one costume that captured my attention. To double take was the only solution in my situation. He had a massive green mask with violet scales. The scales were painted throughout his entire body. His head to his tail was decorated with blue and green polka dots. His horns were as dark as a black hole. His green tail consisted of black and green line in it. I began to get a different angle because everyone decided to swarm around him. He excused himself to get punch. Just then he slipped on some spilt purple grape juice. He ended up flat on his stomach. Everyone or at least I thought that his costume would fall apart and his mask would crack.

"All that hard work right down the drain," I quoted. The fall left the students astonished.

"He really is a monster!" someone cried out. There was some speculation when he first arrived at the party.

"Yeah!" A few others chimed in.

"Get him!" A guy commanded. Even though no one obeyed his wishes. A few seconds later the music was muted, the lights switched back on and a few screams escaped various groups.

"Explain yourself," a chaperone hollered.

"Please don't make me leave, I was just trying to fit in for once in my life." he pleaded. Everybody's emotions changed from disgusted and furious to sad and concerned. The principal yelled,

"Quiet, I will not force you to leave but only hope to meet you again. He continued, "Under different circumstances though."

"Thank you" the monster grinned.

“To eat the most interestingly strange food on the earth I was honored.” As he took another bite of a strawberry frosted Dunkin Donut with sprinkles. His eyes sparkled in delight.

"Now let's get this party started!" He cheered.

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