Niall's Child

�� Nicole and Niall broke up with each other two years ago... But as soon as they broke up, Nicole found out that she was pregnant with a child. Niall Horan's child. If Niall finds Nicole with a young boy that looks exactly like him, how would he react?


14. Where Did They Go?

Nicole's P.O.V. 

Theo's been very excited these past months. He rode his tricycle every day and he had been playing with his plane. 

He had been mentioning his father a lot of times though. There were three reminders of him in the house now. 

The plane, the tricycle, and the necklace. 

But I made sure that he wasn't meeting his father. I didn't want him to like being famous. Niall hasn't called me at all. I guess he knows that I don't really like it if he does. 

But I sort of miss Niall's voice and his laugh. I knew I wasn't going to call him, though. Theo might get his hopes up. 

One day, I was walking to a restaurant with Theo. It was lunchtime. My office wasn't in the city area, so there wasn't that much people around. 

We were talking about what to eat for dinner when I suddenly saw someone jump in front of us and cover us with something. 

It was dark. I could hear Theo's muffled screams. It was clear that his mouth was covered. I felt my mouth get covered, too. 

I felt myself fall and the next thing I knew was that I was in a dark cellar, alone. My mouth was still covered. But Theo was no where in sight. 

I remembered the phone inside my pocket. Even though my hands were tied, I tried my best to take the phone out. 

The man hadn't taken my phone away. How stupid. But I realized that I needed to charge my phone. I was out of battery. 

I decided to send a text message to Niall. It may not work, but it may. 

I texted to him: Niall! Help! I'm stuck in a cellar and Theo is no where in sight! Kidnapped! 

My phone then turned off automatically by itself. I stuffed it back into my pocket and just sat there. What else could I do? 


Niall's P.O.V. 

I was watching T.V. with the other members of the band when I got a text message. It was from Nikki. 

I was surprised. I thought Nikki hated me. Was she going to stop being mad at me or something? I really didn't know. 

But when I saw the text message, I stood up. Nikki was in danger. Theo was in danger. 

I turned off the T.V. and shouted, "Nikki and Theo! They're kidnapped!" 

I got dressed and ran out of the house. I didn't know where to go, but I would find Nikki and Theo. 

I checked my phone for the news. It said that a woman and son was missing. It was obviously Nikki and Theo. 

In the article, it said that they were missing from lunchtime. It was almost midnight! They were definitely kidnapped. 

It also said that they were most likely near San Francisco because a mysterious car was spotted near San Francisco. A person had said that there was a woman who was tied up inside the car. 

But there was no news about where Theo was. I was sure that Theo was near Nikki. San Francisco was about thirty minutes away. 

When I arrived at San Francisco, I decided to go to a place where not many people lived. The edge of San Francisco. 

I had drove around San Francisco for hours now. But there was still no sign of a mysterious place. 

I decided to take a rest and get a cup of coffee at Starbucks. I parked my car and walked to the nearest Starbucks. 

But on the way, I saw an ally. It was hidden and dark. I thought it was suspicious. I took a deep breath and walked into the ally. 

It was long. I realized that it was just walls until the end. There was a door. It was barely visible because it had the same color as the wall, but I could see it. 

I yanked it open. It was locked. I picked up and rock and hit the door with it. The rock bounced off. I yanked it open, once more. 

This time, it opened. I was a bit scared. It was dark and it smelled funny. 

I cried out, "Anyone in here?" 

I heard a muffled voice. I took out my phone. That would give me some light. 

I almost dropped my phone when I saw who it was. It was clearly Nikki. Her hair was messed up and she was tied up, but I could see it was Nikki. 

I whispered, "Nikki?" 

She nodded. I ran to her and untied the ropes and took the tape off her mouth. She winced when I did it, obviously because it hurt. 

She was shivering. 

I said, "What happened?" 

She seemed scared. I knew that it was better to get her out of this place. 

I told her, "Stand up. Let's leave this place first." 

She whispered, "I can't stand up." 

I didn't know what to do. Call the police? That was dumb. Then it would become hopeless to rescue Theo. The kidnapper would take him away from San Francisco. 

I decided to pick her up. 

I told her, "I'm going to pick you up. I'll get you out of here." 

I lifted her up. She was heavy. My back hurt a bit, but I had to get her out of there. I ran out of the room and the ally. 

I told her, "My car is near here. You can stay there while I find Theo." 

Nikki whispered, "I don't know where Theo is." 

I said, "I know. Obviously. Theo is probably hidden in a more secured place than you. The kidnapper's main target was him." 

I put her in the car and wandered off again. Theo couldn't be hidden that far. I walked into every ally I saw. 

There seemed to be many allies in that part of the city. It was going to be harder than I thought. It wasn't like I found Theo is ten minutes. I began to think that even ten hours won't be enough. 

I had been looking for Theo for two hours. Nikki was probably sleeping peacefully in the car. 

I walked into another ally. This time, it was longer and darker than any other ally. There was a dead end, and there was no door at the end. 

I watched the walls carefully as I walked back out of the ally. In the middle, I saw a door. I began to think that that was where Theo was. 

I tried to open the door. It was locked. I tried several times. Then, someone opened the door. It was a man. 

He was wearing a baseball cap and large sunglasses. 

I almost laughed. It was dark and it was the middle of the night. It just seemed funny to me that a person was wearing sunglasses when there was no sun. 

He said, "Who are you?" 

I said, "You kidnapped Theo, didn't you?" 

He laughed. 

I walked in. There was a light in the room. There, I saw Theo, all tied up and his mouth was covered by tape, too. 

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