Texas Short Story

i thought you might enjoy this. this is not open for swaps only my story titled the Her Choice is. Anyway what happens when the flight to Texas is cancelled?


1. Texas Short Story

Beep! Beep! Beep! I knew it was time to get up. As I rolled over to glance at the time and see if I was correct. I noticed the ghostly white moon beaming upon me. When I was untangling myself from my covers I found my dog Libby sprawled across the foot of my bed. My aqua dolphin alarm clock read six o’clock in the morning. This was the required time in order to get to the airport and start to board. “I don’t know why I had to get up at this time. The plane leaves at eight” I murmured. My mom overheard and said “Common sense.” It was gloaming outside because my clock was phosphorescent in big red numbers. I finally had to drag myself out of my comfy warm nest filled with at least five cozy blankets and four squishy pillows. I headed for the light switch. As I found the cold glassy surface, I noticed my mom hovering over the computer. As I crept closer and closer I began to hear her chanting over and over “This has to be a mistake!”

Once I planted my foot into the grainy grey carpet of office. Something pierced my ears it was my mom. She shrieked “They canceled our flight to Texas!” When I pulled out the wooden chair from under the desk she started to explain to me. As I sat on the chair I could feel the springs expanding and contracting as I moved. Our destination was originally Florida. We would be staying there for a week. We rented the most luxurious rooms there. Since the mistake we would either never catch another plane or get a really dirty, smelly, old hotel room. After a few minutes of absorbing all of it all it hit me. Our flight to Texas was canceled!          

Ding Dong! All of a sudden we heard the doorbell ring. Of course it was the chauffeur of the elegant limo that was supposed to transport us to the busy and noisy airport. Libby leapt off my bed and sprinted down the hallway, the rug was just a quick obstacle that she easily cleared but not without leaving it in twists and turns. I jolted after her completing the same path that she had just finished. By the time I reached Libby she was jumping for joy at the sight of a new visitor. I could tell that he just recently took a shower the strong cologne gave me a hint. I grasped her purple studded collar and she began to yelp. She realized I would carry her into the quiet kitchen and she would never get to greet the visitor. When we reached the kitchen I rewarded her a treat. I hoped that it would distract her.

I finally got a chance to drag the stringy rug back to its original place. When I ambled into the living room to see if I was correct, my eyes focused on a tall, strapping, and amiable well-dressed man. My mom and he were sitting on the comfy couches conversing. We eventually had to put the baby gate up. Libby was trapped in there for a while during the time being. Without this clever trick she would keep on running into the living room and try to greet him. My mom explained to the chauffeur “Our flight was cancelled!” He replied “All my years on the job nothing remotely close to this happened. There has to be a mistake.” There was definitely a mistake all right but one of us could uncover what it was. The chauffeur apologized and looked down at his shimmering Rolex watch. He pointed out that he better be on his way now to meet the next person. I rescued Libby from the baby gate. Right away she headed for the living room. I bet she thought that he was still there. When he was nowhere to be found, we both watched the sparkly, shiny, clean and gigantic limo exit our neighborhood.

I looked up at my mom and said sadly “What now?” She looked solemn and said “I will try to speak to our airline.” Oh yeah I forgot did I mention we would be flying first class? This would be my first time ever. I always dreamt of that moment. I could imagine at least another foot of leg space. There are only two seats in each row. You receive the privilege to watch anything your heart desires as long as it’s on cable TV, without paying probably because it’s included in the fee for flying first class. You receive fluffy pillows and soft blankets. At least that’s what my mom tells me. There wouldn’t be any more fighting for armrests, you could extend your massaging leather chair all the way back without bothering others. The cries of babies could not reach you. Guess what? You even get your own bathroom! I bet it would be more spacious and maybe cleaner. After reciting all of the awesome advantages you have to fly first class.

I overheard my mom chatting on the home telephone with a woman named Debby. This is what I could make out. Debby said that she was sorry for the cancellation but it took her by surprise also. She wasn’t expecting the cancellation. It seemed last minute from the information that I heard. She saw the transaction and assured that we wouldn’t be penalized and we would get a full refund or the next plane to Texas. My mom consulted me and we both agreed that we would go to Texas but not this week the next week. The reason for this is we couldn’t stay as long as we originally planned. My mom said that the next flight option is tomorrow. Thus, we would only be staying for five days instead of seven. Although disappointed we were happy to go back to sleep and dream of activities to participate in when we arrived in Texas.

Thanx for reading. I hope it kept you entertained. Just so there is no confusion this story is OVER. That is why i titled it a short story. I wrote it for school and there was a maximum so there isn't going to be anymore. But if you want more and you think its going somewhere comment. Also feel free to comment any ideas or suggestions.-Elizabeth xoxo

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