Teen Yars ( one dirction )

Darcy May Styles. 16 year old daughter to Harry Styles from one direction. Darcy is Innocent, classy, and reliable but all that is going to change when Darcy's dad gets in touch with his old band mates.


2. morning

Darcy's point of view

another morning, another day of school. I step out of the shower hugging the fluffy pink towel to my body and step into my bedroom. The good thing about today is that it's Friday. yay. I quickly put on my undergarments and slip on my outfit for the day. Nothing fancy. Once i'm done i brush my hair putting it into a nice and neat side braid and do my routine amount of make up. Black eyeliner and mascara and light lip gloss. Boy do i love my lip gloss. I grab my school bag, slip on my boots and skip down stairs. 

Dan is in the livingroom, texting on his phone. i follow the smell of eggs and bacon to the kitchen. "MY VIRGIN EYES" i yell covering my eyes. Dad had mum pinned against the counter kissing her lips and his hands were pulling up her shirt as mum's hands were playing with dad's curls. A position i have seen them in many times before. Mum and dad Have been married for almost 17 years now and Uncle lou says they still act like there on a honey moon. Seriously they rarely ever fight and are always tell each other how much they love each other and are always kissing and showing displays of affection. Its cute but annoying sometimes. 

Dad pulls away from mum a smirk clear on his face mum blushes and turns back to the stove. "how was your sleep?" dad asks like nothing ever happened. i nod and take the plate mum hands m. I sit at the island and eat my plate of eggs and bacon.

"good"  i say checking my iPhone 6. Yup another iPhone crazy right. Dad nods and Danial walks in, taking a piece a bacon and kissing mums check.

"Take a plate" mum says. Dan shakes his head no.

"I'm not eating my rides here" he says grabbing an apple. Sure your not eating. Dad nods.

"Who's driving you" he asks transforming into his Overprotective mode. Dan turns to me and smirks. 

"Amber Smith" I nearly choke on my bacon. Amber is in my grade and a a-class slut. She sleeps with every guy in sight. She has a reputation as the school skank. She's rude and bitch and treats me like shit, Dan on the other hand she treats like a god.

"Who's Amber" mum asks sitting on dads lap as he eats his breakfast. Before Danial answers i cut in.

"The school slut" i say, dad turns to face me. "Watch your mouth: he says glaring. i put my hands up in defense. I'm the oldest child but i swear dad gives Dan more freedom than me. Dam can swear, i cant. Dan can get a ride to school from the opposite sex, I cant. Dad turns to look back at Danial. "be careful" he says taking a sip of his juice. mum nods. "and make sure you use protection,  you don't know where she's been" he says smirking. Dan laughs and i shake my head.

"harry" mum says hitting dads chest a smile tugging at her lips. Dad grabs mums hand kissing her palm and continues to eat his food. Dan laughs and leaves. The front door slamming behind him. 

"so Darcy.. the lads are coming for dinner tonight" he says. i'm a little surprised i haven't seen any of the lads in almost three months. Zayn i haven't seen in years, i doubt he's coming. i nod. 

"Cool are they all coming, Liam, Niall and Uncle Lou" i ask dad nods.

"Yup..... and Zayn" I freeze. Zayn. wow.

"So he's flying up here with his family for the day just to eat dinner?" i ask confused. Zayn lives all the way in California why would he come here.

"No" mum cuts in. "he and perrie are going to be staying in our guest house for a few days.. until they find a house up here." she said. i nodded.

"don't they have like eighty kids" i ask. Dad laughs shaking his head.

"No.. they have five,  Aaliyah, Aisha, Safaa, Samuel, and Aden." I nod. Zayn is Muslim and Perrie's Christian, weird right so of course they named there children christian and Muslim names.

"Any my age?" i asked really hoping a girl would be my age.mum nodded.

"Aaliyah is 14 and Aden is 17" she said smiling i smiled to. Dad nodded.

"yeah, but stay away from Aden, Zayn says he's trouble" With that i nod kiss mum and dad good bye and head to school. With one topic in my mind. Tonight's Dinner.

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