Teen Yars ( one dirction )

Darcy May Styles. 16 year old daughter to Harry Styles from one direction. Darcy is Innocent, classy, and reliable but all that is going to change when Darcy's dad gets in touch with his old band mates.


3. malik

Darcy's point of veiw

School sucked. As always i got there met up with My three friends Spencer, Lucy and Hanna. I went to class, then at lunch, Bobby, the school jock was hitting on me and i rejected him. Same old shit different day. I can't wait for the dinner. I'm excited to see the lads again its been forever. When i pulled up in the parking lot i jumped out of my car and skipped inside. I know i skip a lot. 

"Mum i'm home" i yelled walking into the main hall the door slamming shut behind me. I waled to the kitchen and grabbed a apple taking a huge bite.

"In the den dar" my mum called. i  took my apple and backpack with me and headed to the den. I don't get why we have a den it's just a room filled with couches we really never go in there. Mum likes to sit and read in there sometimes but that's about it. When i walked in all head turned toured me. There was 9 people in the room. Dad, mum, maddi  and who i assumed to be Zayn and his family. 

"Zayn, Perrie this is my Daughter, Darcy you remember her right" dad asked standing up and gesturing me to come closer. i did. Slowly, very slowly and quietly. I'm shy sue me. "Dar this is Zayn, Perrie.. there daughters Aaliyah, Aisha,  and Safaa and sons Aden and Samuel." he said pointing to everyone. Perrie was beautiful she had blonde hair and blue eyes. All the girls looked alike they had light brown hair and blue eyes, Aisha though had brown. Samuel had black hair and brown eyes, Aden caught my eye he was stunning. 

"Hi" i said shyly waving. Zayn and Perrie stood up each engulfing me in a hug.

"It's nice to see you again, when you were a baby i use to  help change your dipares"perrie said smiling.

"Thats not weird" i whispered under my breath. Perrie laughed. 

"I bet it is weird  huh" oh she heard me. i nod and she laughs. Zayn hugged me.

"You turned into a stunning young lady" he said kissing my hand.

"Thanks" i said backing up. 

"Darcy where's your brother"mum asked looking back toured me. i shrugged.

"Probably fucking amber" i said, causing all 9 eyes to came back to me. I quickly slapped my hand over my mouth.

"DARCY"my mum yelled.

"Darcy watch your mouth" dad said. i nodded. Zayn had a amused smilied on his face. I took a quick glance a Aden to see him smirking.
Well tonight is  off to a great start.

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