Young Day

Harlee Kellans is a 16 year old girl. She isn't your average girl. She's actually a tomboy. She doesn't have any friends that are girls, her best friends are three boys. All four of them grew up together. They were all neighbors. Harlee and Talon live right next door, while Ryder and Cole live right across the street. You can never separate the four of them. One day while they were hanging out, they decided to make a band. But this isn't just any band. They are a punk rock band. Like Paramore, Fall Out Boy, and All Time Low. Will love spark between the band? Will the band break up? This is the story of the band, Young Day.


7. Lucky

Cole's POV-

"I can't believe we lost to them," Talon pouts.

"Oh man up. We don't want your girlfriend thinking you're a wimp," Harlee laughs and I chuckle too.

"She's not my girlfriend," he says and both of them blush.

"Not yet," I say and Talon kicks me under the table.

Right now, all four of us are sitting in an ice cream parlor. We have our bowls of ice cream in front of us.

Talon and Lucy on one side of the booth, Harlee and I on the other side. Our hands are interlocked, so I'm forced to eat with my left hand, but I don't mind. I would hold her hand forever if I could.

"Seriously though, how long is it going to take for you two get together?" Harlee asks in a 'duh' tone.

"Harlee!" Lucy giggles.

"No she's right. Will you be my girlfriend?" Talon asks.

"Of course," Lucy smiles and he sweetly kisses her cheek.

"Aww," Harlee and I say at the same time.

"Shut up," Talon says and they both blush, yet again.


Harlee's POV-

When we walk back in the door, Talon bids us a goodnight as Cole and I go into my bedroom. I close the door and lay back on my comfortable bed.

He comes and lays on top of me, but he's careful not to hurt me. One of his hands is on my neck and his other hand is gently rested on my hip. He rests his forehead on mine and looks into my eyes.

No words are spoken, yet we're having a conversation. With our eyes.

My breath hitches from the way he is looking at me. His eyes are such a pretty blue. My heart begins to beat so fast that I'm positive he can feel it. I move my face so our noses are touching and that adds to the amazing feeling spreading through my whole body.

One of my hands playfully tugs on his blonde hair as my other hand is gripping on his toned shoulder.

He licks his lips as his eyes quickly leave mine as he looks down at my lips. He immediately looks back in my eyes. I small smirk appears at my lips. He's everything I've every wanted and more. I'm so lucky to have him.

He takes a deep breath before his soft lips touch mine. The kiss starts off sweet. Our lips move in sync as he patiently waits for me to let his tongue slip in my mouth. I eventually let him and the kiss grows more heated. He wraps his arms all away around me. I do the same with him as we continue to kiss.

"I love you more than anything," I say as he plants sweet kisses on my neck.

He looks back up at me and smiles. He puts his face so close to mine that if I inhale a breath of air, our lips would touch.

"I love you too beautiful," he says against my lips and immediately begins to kiss me again.

He's perfect. I love him so much.


Ryder's POV-

The second I breathed the words out to my mother she slapped me across the face. I don't blame her though. I deserved it.

She's also making me go over to the apartment to apologize to her and fix our problems.

I'm not looking forward to it.

I feel extremely sorry that I hit Har, but I'm still angry at her. She treated me terribly. She has no right to judge Del.

There's something I need to admit though.

She's right.



Only for you, Maude. ;)   (I thought this could be a thing I do every chapter as a little dedication to you for being the best fan and friend ever)

Well how do you guys like it?

Did you guys like the kissing scene between Cole and Harlee?

What about Ryder admitting Harlee was right about Del?

Lucy and Trevor? Thoughts?

Comment what you guys think!

I love comments!

Love you all!

~Cammy xx.

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