Hostage (harry styles )

19 year old Julia Greene just moved to London with her family. She's sweet, polite, INNOCENT.

20 year old Harry Styles Lives in London with his 5 mates and there girls. He's a punk, in a gang, dangerous, cruel. Everything you don't want your daughter dating.

When Harry " kidnaps" Julia for his personal needs what will happen? Will Julia get rescued or will she be stuck with a killer?


2. trouble

Julia's Point of view

Here he comes. Harry Styles. The boy every one is afraid of. He's coming right up My breath was stuck in my throat as my hands began to shake as harry stood in front of me. I probably look like a 6 year old who just saw a ghost. Harry smirked at me.

"Hello, love" harry said looking at me. eyeing me head to toe. I scoffed. Who does he think he is. " Your Julia right, the new girl?" i crossed my arms over my chest and nodded. He smiled  " I see. Well i find it polite to tell you my name,  in a few days you'll be screaming it." I scoffed. Everyone in the cafeteria was now quiet listening to our conversation. 

"excuse me?" i asked stunned he just said that. Harry smirked.

"You heard me ,love" harry chuckled, taking a quick look around the cafe as everyone continued to stare. All giving me apologetic looks. Harry smiled to everyone as the bell rang. Snapping everyone out of there stares. Most people got up but i stayed sitting as harry was directly in front of me. Harry leaned down so his lips were nearly touching my ear. " I'll see you later, babe" was all harry said before he left the cafe, his friends following.

"Are you okay?" aria asked me, placing her hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see everyone at our table starring at me. I nodded.

"Who does he think he is calling you out like that?" Hanna asked. Clearly upset. I shrugged.

"yeah.... that was rude he practicably told the whole school to back off cause your his and he wants to fuck you" Adriana said as she stood up from the table. I agreed. 

" well we better go or were going to be late for class" Emily said gathering her notebook and pen. we all agreed and i and Toby headed to music. 

I love music. Hopefully it will be much better than my day so far. When Toby and i got to class we were 8 minutes late. The teacher  Mrs. Montgomery let it side because it was my first day. Toby and i began walking to the Back of the room by the window, But i stopped when i saw  a head of brown curls sitting in a chair talking to a guy with Brown shaggy hair and blue eyes. Toby turned to face me, Worry clearly written on his features.

"lets go sit over there" he said pointing to a window on my left. I nodded and followed Toby.

" OK class, welcome to music i'm Mrs  Montgomery. Today were going to get in groups of two and write songs. Now the song can be either a love song of a country song. No random rap song. " she said looking over the class we all nodded. " Now im going to choose your groups" we all groaned. " OK Lisa Despress with Dana Doberman" she said grouping everyone. Toby got grouped with Harry's friend Louis. Poor Toby.  Right now there were 4 people left. 3 boys and me. There was a tall football player with red hair. A  nerdy looking kid with harry potter glasses, and the devil himself. Harry Styles. " Lets see" Mrs. Montgomery said looking at me. " Julia Greene " she paused looking at the three boys. Please dont say harry. Please don't say harry. Please dont say harry. " and.... Mike Donner. Harry and Jeff together." i sighed gratefully and walked toured Mike. He was very tall, he had red hair, blue eyes and had on a foot ball jersey. " Does anyone have a problem with there group?" Mrs. Montgomery asked walking back to her desk. I was surprised when she said the next few words. " Yes Mr. Styles..... would you like to change groups?"  i took a jagged breath.

" Can i change groups" he asked so calmly. Mrs. Montgomery nodded.

" Julia, hun can you switch with Jeff please" she asked politely. I huffed and nodded collecting my things and got up walking toured the back of the room to work with a smirking harry. Toby on the other side of the room shoot me a apologetic smile.. I sat next to harry and opened up to a clear piece of notebook paper.

" Ok lets get started, yeah?" i said not looking him in the eye. Harry chuckled.

" Yeah, babe" i rolled my eyes and scoffed.

" Can you not call me that." i said placing my pencil on the desk looking up to meet harrys green eyes. That were so addicting.Harry smirked.

"Sure" he said staring back into my eyes. i quickly looked down at the paper.

" So country song or a love song?" i asked harry chuckled.

"How about we play 20 questions then figure that out" I was confused on why we should do that but harry continued to explain. " were going to be working together for a while.... it might help if we knew a little about each other." i nodded because i, myself have a few questions for ' Mr. bad ass'. " Alright... i'll go first" he said kicking back so he was now facing me instead of the front of the room. "Favorite color?"

" Purple" i said like it was obvious harry chuckled. " Why did you address me in the cafe?" i asked, harry smirked.

" Way to break the tension" he laughed. i scrunched my nose. " your cute" he laughed.

"answer the question" i snapped. harry smirked and leaned closer so his lips were right in front of my face. My breathing hitched as he was so close. we were so close to others it probably looked like we were about to kiss. 

                                                                                                                                        "Your mine.... I wanted everyone to know that.......including you".

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