Hostage (harry styles )

19 year old Julia Greene just moved to London with her family. She's sweet, polite, INNOCENT.

20 year old Harry Styles Lives in London with his 5 mates and there girls. He's a punk, in a gang, dangerous, cruel. Everything you don't want your daughter dating.

When Harry " kidnaps" Julia for his personal needs what will happen? Will Julia get rescued or will she be stuck with a killer?


3. taken

Julia's pov

After  music i decided to skip. I told Toby i wasn't feeling good, but he didn't believe me. Toby said he would cover for me any way. I quickly got in to my car and began driving to Starbucks down the street. I cant go home cause my mom will be there and she will know i skipped.

Once i got there i parked my car and waked inside. slipping my phone in my back pocket. I slowly walked to the counter reviewing the menu deciding on what i would order. I finally i decided on a blue berry muffin and iced latte. Starbucks was nearly empty, there were three lady's all around there thirty's sitting at a table drinking coffee and gossiping there was and old man reading the news paper and two staff members behind the counter. A tall woman in her early twenties took my order. She had curly red hair and hazel eyes. She was tall about 6 feet.

"here you go" she said handing me my latte and a brown bag with my muffin inside.

"thank you" i smiled politely and walked over to a table in the corner. I took a small sip of my latte letting the coldness side down my throat. i took my phone out of  my back pocket and logged on to twitter. I had 47 new followers and 4 tweets. All my new followers were my new friends at school. Five names caught my eye, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. i took a deep breath and started looking over the tweets i was i tagged in. 

@ Adriana-loveyou My boo left school sick fel better love @JuliaGrenne

@AriaM  @JuliaGrenne Loving my new veggan gurl

@Spencerinthegardn @AriaM @JuliaGrenne rain check on the shopping. feel better Jul

@Harry_Styles @JuliaGrenne Its bad to ditch school,love. Hows your coffee.

When i saw the tweet from harry i froze. How does he know i ditched school  How does he know where i am and that i have coffee  no. oh no. My breathing was stuck in my throat, my palms were sweaty and my head was pounding. I took a jagged breath and slowly turned to face five smirking lads. 

"why is an innocent girl like you ditching school, love" 'Liam' asked. i scoffed.

"Why aren't you in school?" i asked standing up grabbing my phone and coffee. Liam chuckled.

"I asked you first" i rolled my eyes and shoved my phone in my pocket  picking up my muffin. Harry was intently watching my every move. The lads were all still looking at me waiting for an answer. 

" i wouldn't have to ditch if i didn't have a fucking creep following me." i said gesturing to harry. All the lads chuckled. i rolled my eyes and turned, as i began walking toured the door. Once i left i got in my car, looking at the time. 1:49. I have about one hour before i can go home. I just sat in my car for a while not driving. I just sat in the driver seat looking through the wind shield  Thinking. Thinking about  my first day at school. My New friends. My new house. The new me. 

I got home around three. My mom wasn't home. she left a note on the counter saying she went out with dad to get new supplies for the house and dad's work, they'll be home later.I was sitting on the couch watching t.v when the door rung. I wasn't expecting anyone, but i opened it any way.

Standing there were five people i was tired of seeing. Harry Styles and his Gang. 

Those were the last people i ever thought would show up on my door step. I stood there still shocked watching the five lads smirk at me. "What  the hell are you doing at my house?" i asked looking past them to see if anyone else was here. All i saw was a ranger rover parked in my drive way. Zayn pushed right by me walking in to my house.

"you have a nice place here" he said examining the living room. I looked at him Shocked. who does he think he is. 

"Why are you here..and how do you know where i live?' i asked crossing my hands over my chest. Harry chuckled as the other lads walked in.

"I have my ways." he said. I have to admit i was getting a little scared. Liam turned off the t.v and Niall and Louis were in the kitchen. "Zayn, Liam" harry said breaking eye contact with me as he looked at the lads. "Go pack Julia a bag" they nodded and walked up satires toured my room.

"Haz" Niall called walking toured harry and i with the note my mom wrote in his hand. " Her parents are out" he said handing harry the note. Louis left the house, saying he had to get something in the car. Harry's smirk got 10 times bigger.

" Perfect" he said as he walked closer to me causing me to back up against the wall. My heart began beating so fast i swear it is about to fall out of my chest. Louis  walked back in the house with duct tape and a Little case with something in it. My eyes popped when i saw the duct tape.

"What do you want?" i asked looking back at harry. fear clear in my eyes. Harry smirked and reached for the case Louis was handing him. He pulled out a needle.

                                                                "I want whats mine" was the last thing i heard before everything went black.

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