Hostage (harry styles )

19 year old Julia Greene just moved to London with her family. She's sweet, polite, INNOCENT.

20 year old Harry Styles Lives in London with his 5 mates and there girls. He's a punk, in a gang, dangerous, cruel. Everything you don't want your daughter dating.

When Harry " kidnaps" Julia for his personal needs what will happen? Will Julia get rescued or will she be stuck with a killer?


5. police?

Julia's Pov...

It's been two days since harry kidnapped me. Two days since harry kissed me. Niall and Liam come in a few times a day to bring me food and water. Harry has been coming in every so often to give me a change of clothes. When he hands me new clothes he always sits on the edge of the bed watching me. He doesn't say anything he just watches me. I have only talked to liam, i've been asking him questions about why im here and why  harry wants me. Liam never answers  I've convinced liam to ask harry if i could leave this room to shower. The room im in has a bathroom, but only your basic potty and sink.

The room door opens revealing harry. Harry smiles when he sees me. "Hey" he says walking toured me.

"Hi" i say moving further away from the barred window where i was standing. Harry smiled  He reached out softly grabbing my hand. He was so delicate as if i might break.

"Liam said you wanted to shower." i nodded.

"Yeah" i said looking around the room one last time. laughing slightly. "theres no shower in here" i said harry laughed showing two dimples.

"No theres not" harry gripped my hand a little tighter pulling me toured the door. Once we exited the room i slammed my eyes shut.

"The light"  i yelled. Harry laughed. I was locked in that room for two days with no light not even from the sun. i slowly opened my eyes letting them adjust to the light. Harry stood in front of me watching me intently. Humor showing in his green eyes. I smiled.

what no don't smile. He kidnapped you, left you in a dark room for two days, kissed you. DON'T SMILE.

I quickly looked away from harry,down at the floor.Why was harry being nice to me. Harry took my hand leading me down the hall away from the room i was in. Once we made it to the end of the hall i took in my surroundings  We were standing in a Large kitchen. there was a sink counters  and island int he middle with 5 stools around it. a nice glass table in the corner with 6 seats, a fridge. stove ect. the walls were tan and the floor was tile. 

"Are you hungry?" harry asked letting go of my hand walking to the fridge. I nodded all i've been eating has been ham sandwiches and water.

"Ya" harry opened the fridge puling out a Tupperware of pasta. he put some on a plate heating it up in the microwave.

" Its leftovers from last night" he informed placing a fork in front of me.

"thanks" i said digging in.

"someones hungry" Niall said walking into the kitchen grabbing a bag of crisps. Now that i see Niall close in the light, i see he has a simple lip  piercing and earrings and a weird snake tattoo on his arm. Thats it. Harry on the other hand, his arms were covered, but they seemed to fit him.

"Yeah you guys had me on a ham sandwich diet, i was craving a different kind of food". i said finishing my plate. After i was done harry took my plate and placed it in the sink. Taking my hand puling me into the living room where all the other guys were sitting. I shyly waved.

"Hey julia" liam said. i waved. The rest of the lads politely smiled at me then looked back at the telly. Harry brought me to a door down a different hall. The room was huge. there was a large shower with glass doors in the corner a potty , sink and in the center of the room one of thous fancy tubes that are like a hot-tube. Harry walked over to the sink and grabbed a bottle of shampoo and conditioner.

"Here... there's um soap and stuff you might need under the sink" i nodded taking the bottles in Harry's hand. harry turned to walk out the door but stopped. Walking over to me again. This time his eyes were a much darker shade of green. "Don't even think about escaping.... Your lucky i'm being nice" Harry said to me sternly gripping my hip. i nodded. Harry smirked letting go of my hip only for his lips to make contact with mine. He didn't kiss me like the other day. It was more of a peck. "good now shower... you have 2o minutes" i nodded and harry left the room. I quickly went over to the door to lock it.

I quickly stripped off my old dirty clothes and showered. Once i was done i brushed my teeth and dressed. ( picture above). I then opened the door and walked into the living room. to see all the lads at the door talking to.........

                                                                                                                                                                                                a police officer.

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