Hostage (harry styles )

19 year old Julia Greene just moved to London with her family. She's sweet, polite, INNOCENT.

20 year old Harry Styles Lives in London with his 5 mates and there girls. He's a punk, in a gang, dangerous, cruel. Everything you don't want your daughter dating.

When Harry " kidnaps" Julia for his personal needs what will happen? Will Julia get rescued or will she be stuck with a killer?


4. help

Julia's Point of view.

I woke up to darkness. My throat was dry,  and i was covered in sweat. All memory of yesterday came flooding into my head. School. Lunch. Music. Starbucks.home.Harry. Oh my god harry. I was kidnapped. Harry and his gang kidnapped me.

I took a deep breath trying to calm myself down. I was laying on a rather large bed with cold silk sheets and a matching duvet. I felt around the dark room, hopping, praying, i would fine something. I'm not sure what though. A door, what good would that bring i get to face my kidnappers  If they were the slightest bit smart they would have locked the door.

I heard footsteps coming from the other side of the door and quickly sat back on the bed, with my legs pulled against my chest and my head burred down. The door opened letting a bright light shine in from the hall. Two figures walked in once they stepped in the light i knew exactly who they were. Liam and Zayn  Liam had a plate in his hand and a large glass of water. I licked my lips watching the water swish in the cup. My mouth was so dry.

"Good your awake!" Liam said walking further into the room placing the water and plate on the night stand next to the bed. " Zayn go tell Harry she's awake" Zayn nodded and left the room. Liam looked at me and handed me the glass of water. " Your mouth must be dry, drink" he said placing it in my hand. i nodded and slowly sipped the water. Liam smiled when he saw me drink the water.

"Where am i?" i asked placing the water back on the night stand. My hands began to shake.

" Our house" was all Liam said as he sat on the bed. I scooted over so i was against the wall.

"W-why am i-i here.....w-why did you ki-kidnapped me" Liam looked away from me,down at the floor. He looked at the door then at me again. He was about to talk but the door flung open and in came a smirking harry.

"Liam you can leave now" Harry said his eyes not leaving mine once. Liam got off the bed and left the room closing the door behind him. Harry smiled and walked closer to me.

"Why am i here" i asked as harry sat on the bed. Harry looked at me and pushed a piece of hair that was in my face behind my ear.

"Because i needed to have whats right fully mine" Tears began to spill sentient from my eyes.

"But, w-why m-me?" i cried hugging my knees. Harry sighed and sat next to me.Wrapping his arm over my shoulder  I tried pushing him off but my body felt weak. Harry didn't answer my question, instead he pulled me close.Harry held me as i cried.

Once i was finished crying harry stood in font of me, with a serious look. " Julia there's rules if you break any of my rules you will be punished, i wont only hurt you but you family to" when harry said that i looked up at him tears brimming my eyes. " One you can only talk to me and the lads ones i say other wise......... two you do anything i say, no questions asked, Your here for me, when i need a sandwich made or just need a good fucking" my eyes widened at that and i began to shake again. I'm not a virgin, but i sure as hell am scared of having sex with harry. "three don't try and escape because i will find you,got it" Harry looked at me waiting for an answer. i nodded and harry smiled  Harry leaned closer so his lips were touching mine.

Harry's lips moved on mine, but i didn't kiss back. when harry noticed i wasn't going to kiss back he bit my lip.hard. "kiss me" he demanded. scared to find out what would happen if i didn't i kissed back. Our lips moved together for a few seconds until harry pulled away. Leaving the room. Shutting the door. leaving me in complete....



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