Story Of My Life (One Direction Fanfic)

Lena, a 12-year-old orphan girl who suffers from child abuse from her Foster Home, finally gets adopted by 5 grown boys. The boys, AKA One Direction, has wondered a few times about Lena's silence. It turns out she has more secrets than it looks...


1. Foster Home

"LEENA! LEEEEENAAAA!!" our Foster 'Mom' screeched.

"Yes, ma'am?" I asked.

"COME HERE THIS SECOND!!" she screamed. The only reason I call her 'Mom' is because she barely likes us. How could she love us and care for us properly if she hates us? She always hits us and screams at us for silly things. That reminds me! I have to go to her! I ran dodging the other prisoners that had to suffer like everyone else. Once I got to the room she was at, smoke was already coming out of her ears and her face was already bright red. I prepared myself for what was coming next.

"LENA! YOU STUPID IDIOT! I'VE TOLD YOU A THOUSAND TIMES TO GET HERE WHEN I CALL YOU! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH A GIRL LIKE YOU!! NO ONE IS GOING TO ADOPT YOU!!! " I swallowed hard, hoping for the best but I know there is no such thing. "YOU NEED A PUNISHMENT. A TERRIBLE PUNISHMENT" she smirked at me and narrowed her eyes, trying to think of a punishment good enough for me. "COME HERE YA LITTLE BRAT!" she clenched my arm and dragged me outside, throwing me into a dumpster. "AND STAY THERE!" and with that she shut the door we came through with a bang. I know this kind of punishment. Our Foster 'Mom' throws us into this sacred dumpster with who-knows-what all around. It might be snakes, bugs, or just disgusting trash. The person who gets thrown her has to stay here for a full week. No exceptions. I can't escape, either since this place is being video taped right now.

"LOOKS LIKE I HAVE ANOTHER STUPID BRAT TO TAKE CARE OF!" I heard our Foster 'Mom' yell and toss someone else into the dumpster. At least I'll have company. Once she closed the door with another loud bang, I got to see my roommate's face.

"Abby?" I asked. How'd she get here?

"Yeah, it's me. Hi Lena.''

"What happened?" I asked my best friend who would do anything to get out of trouble.

"I got in trouble. I closed the door on our Mom's face so I could be here with you. I didn't want you to be alone." I knew it. There would be no other reason. I smiled to show I appreciated it. I hugged my chocolate-curled hair, and mocha-brown skin best friend. It was nice to know she would do anything to be with me.

"Come on. Let's sleep. It'll be morning faster if we do." I said and patted down the trash under me. I did the same for Abby. We laid down in our garbage beds and tried to sleep. It was a bit better than sleeping on the cold, hard cement floor in the creepy, dark garage. Here, tiny beams of light seeped through the crack of the lid of the dumpster. I couldn't sleep so I just fiddled with my strawberry blonde hair. I guess I got it from my mom but I don't know. I never met her. I thought about my parents. I never saw them but I imagined how they looked like. My mom with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes like me and my dad, with black hair and brown eyes. In my mind, we all look like on e big happy family. In real life, we barely know how each of us looks like. I wonder if they're still alive. Maybe not. It's alright. They must've loved me enough.

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