Story Of My Life (One Direction Fanfic)

Lena, a 12-year-old orphan girl who suffers from child abuse from her Foster Home, finally gets adopted by 5 grown boys. The boys, AKA One Direction, has wondered a few times about Lena's silence. It turns out she has more secrets than it looks...


5. Cold Showers and the Cold Hard Truth

  I went back downstairs, my hair still a bit damp but that's okay. I haven't had running water in years. Ooh, that's good! I'll use that if they ever ask. I have to kiss up so much if I want them to adopt Abby or...I could find her myself! I could sneak into the foster home and take her and we could run away! Yes! But they aren't going to let me go out alone yet. I just have to prove I'm responsible and trustworthy, then I can go rescue Abby. I hope it takes less time than I think! I went back downstairs to find Curly, Stripes, Buzz cut, Tattoos, and Blondie waiting for me downstairs at a table, like the one in our 'Mom's' office but bigger. They had some clean plates that didn't look like the paper plates at the Home. They had real silverware unlike the plastic, cheap ones at the Home too. If only Abby could see this! She would love it! There was an empty seat between Blondie and Tattoos. A seat for me at a chair! Wow! At the Home, we sat on the floor, ate on the floor. I awkwardly sat on the chair without saying a word. "So, did you like your shower?" asked Stripes. "Yes but it was very cold. But that's okay because we don't have any running water at the Home." I answered truthfully. They all looked so sad, so sad for me. ''So, where did you take a bath?" Tattoos asked. "Well, sometimes we'd escape and go clean ourselves at the river. But the river's not very clean either. We'd get fish bites and leeches. But it's better than being filthy, I guess." I said. "Did your foster mom help you with the leeches or fish bites?" asked Curly. "Pffft. Of course not! If we told her, she'd know we went to the river and punish us. We can never tell." I said. "Well, you must be hungry." said Buzz cut, eager to change the subject. I guess my story depresses him. Just what I needed. "Not really" I said, realizing that I'm not hungry at all. "What?" Blondie said, surprised and his mouth full of yellow, squishy-looking stuff. "Our foster 'Mom' only feeds us once, in the afternoon. Unless she knows someone is going to adopt one of us. Then she feeds us twice." I said, happy as I saw the boys frown. "I guess my stomach is used to it." "Well, you have to eat something!" exclaimed Curly from the kitchen. "What did they feed you?" Blondie asked. "2 slices of bread and water. And you can't save anything for later either. Our foster 'Mom' punishes you if you do, but people do it anyways. They sometimes get caught." I said. I smiled sincerely as I saw their sad, pitiful faces.

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