Love At First Bite

I'm Riley Asheleigh Kelly I'm 19 years old and I've heard weird things about One Direction. People have been missing and found dead after their concert. And now my two little sisters Hannah (17 years old) and Bethany (13 year old) want to go to their concert now I'm scared we're next.


2. Meeting Bloodsuckers

Riley's POV....

I wake up smiling in my warm bed then I open my eyes and see that it's black and white room and it's huge then I frown and remembered what happened cause I herd all the boys talking downstairs. I put my dark red hair in a bun and I slowly open the door scared as hell and take a bat that was in the corner of the bed and I slowly creep down stairs then Liam comes up fast at me and makes me fall back,

"Are you okay love?"

He says trying to help me up.


I run up when I slip and my ankle breaks. And I roll down the floor snapping my leg more. Then all the boys come.

"Is she okay? Are you okay?"

They all say but Liam, he just winces at his ankle. I cry in pain and I hold my now swollen ankle then my head starts to bleed and Liam yells out.

"No! Get Niall back!"

And Niall goes crashing into Louis and Harry and Zayn And the boys but Liam take him outside. And Liam bends down eyes goes black and he stops breathing and he gets more pale than ever.

"D-don't touch m-me.... Please d-don't h-hurt m-me."

Then I felt his soft cold hands around my waist and under my legs and I put my head into his chest and cry silently about how scared and frightened I was and Liam said softly,

"I promise I won't hurt you."

And he set me on the counter in his bathroom and he brought out a first aid kit. And he does my head first and his eyes goes back to brown and he winces in pain and I say,

"What's wrong?"


And I hold his hand and say,

"Liam tell me."

"It's just that... Long story short if I don't fall in love with someone I die and I haven't told the boys and the one I fall for I feel their pain."

"S-so your falling for m-me?"

"Yeah I guess." He says.

And I blush.

"I never would of thought a vampire would fall in love with me... But how will the spell be broken."

"If you fall in love with me. And say those three words I love you and truly mean it."

And that caught me off guard.

"W-what?!? How can I, a human fall in love with you?! You kidnapped me, killed my sister, and expect me to fall in love with you?!? Are you crazy?!?" I say.

And it was silent and he opened his mouth but nothing came out then the boys came back and Niall said,

"I'm so sorry what I did. I'm still getting used of being a vegetarian."

"I-it's fine."

"Did you snap her leg back in place Liam?!?"

Louis says.

"W-what?!?" I say getting up fast.

"I'll do it." Zayn says.

And he comes to me as I try to back away and he grabs my leg and does it quick and snaps it back in place.


I scream in pain and Liam stumbles down the stairs and everyone goes check on him.

"You alright Liam?"

Niall says. He slowly gets up and says his eyes black again,

"Y-yeah I'm fine. I-I need to go."

And he runs out.

And I say. "Why did he leave?"

"He always does this. When he's around girls. And I feel like he has a secret."

Louis says.

"Oh well hopefully he is okay."

I say regretting what I said about falling in love with him. Something might happen. But why me? Why not another Vampire?

"Guys lets go hunt, Harry you stay. We will give you something back Harry."

"That's fine with me." He says.

And he helps me down and smirks at me. And I blush. Ugh! Why is he soo cute I wish I could erase his face and those dimples and those green eyes and just gosh those lips.

"Why erase when you can kiss me." He says knowing what I said in my mind.

"W-wait. Y-y an- so-." I stuttered

"We read minds also." He smiles.

And I get redder than a tomato. And he leans in closer and I lean in closer. And I go in and we kiss and I felt his cold icy lips get warm. And I put my arm around his neck. Then Liam comes busting through the door.

And takes Harry off of me and throughs him out my window and I yell out the window. "OH My GOSH HARRY!"

Then Liam looked at me with black eyes and said,

"WHY did You Kiss HIM!


And I slap him and he turns back at me with red eyes.

"Don't ever touch me like that! You are never leaving!" He says through his teeth and gripping my wrist.

And he grabs harder and harder were you can hear my bones cracking. And I start to drop to the floor.

"Liam Let Her go! You are hurting her!" Harry yells.

"Liam! Liam! Please stop. Liam! You're hurting me! LIAM YOU'RE HURTING ME!"

And he lets go and I fall the floor. And I go to a corner and put my free arm around my legs and cry silently and hold my wrist in pain and it's purple.

"I'm so sorry. Riley forgive me." He says with his eyes turning soft brown again.

"Leave me alone. Just go! LEAVE! YOU MONSTER I HATE YOU!"

And he tries to say something but nothing comes out. And he leaves slamming the door. Making me jump. And I look out the window and this is a good time to leave.

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